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Animated Feature available now on Digital Download

The earth-shattering event that revolutionized the comics industry is now coming to the DC animated universe and takes a unique point of view that will thrill fans of the original graphic novel that reshaped the multiverse.

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Without a doubt, it is the singular most important story ever told in comic books. In 1985, when legendary creatives Marv Wolfman and George Pérez set out to mark the 50th anniversary of DC Comics, the duo undertook the task of simplifying much of the imprint’s convoluted 5 decades of continuity and proving DC relevant and contemporary. The result was the 12-part maxi-series (one of the first of its kind) that reshaped the DC multiverse, introducing a singular timeline with a legacy incorporating a heroic age for every generation.

The “Crisis on Infinite Earths” redefined storytelling and inspired creatives at DC, especially to push the boundaries of the imagination. The crisis has taken many shapes and forms across all media, including a 5-part live-action primetime adaptation that incorporated the casts of The CW network’s DC original series and feature films and was produced by Greg Berlanti in 2019. “Crisis” allowed creatives to retool and re-tinker with their most valuable IPs. Whether a total overhaul or just a slight polishing, the result has kept Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of their super friends in line with the times.

After having produced a score of several original animated films under the “DC Universe Movie” banner Warner Bros. Animation decided it was time to turn their sights on adapting the “crisis” one more time…

The animated DC Universe Movie JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Part One finally step translates Wolfman and Pérez’s epic to the animated realm, in a new trilogy. Director Jeff Wamester along with screenwriters Jim Krieg and Kimberly S. Moreau decidedly took a fresh approach and incorporated the various storylines of several of the last animated DC Universe Movies, beginning with the origin story Superman: Man of Tomorrow to set the tempo to lead up to “Crisis”, and promised that every one of those films was leading up to “Crisis on Infinite Earths”.

The scope of “Crisis” has always been one of incredible magnitude, to match the gravity of an endeavor that would need to bring all of the multiverse’s greatest heroes together. This animated adaptation takes a much more singular point of view than the actual maxi-series, which was much more robustly set on incorporating 50 years of DC comics continuity. Barry Allen, The Flash (voiced by Matt Bomer) navigates the narrative, and as fans of the original story know, the Scarlet Speedster plays a crucial role in the first crisis event.

Matt Bomer as The Flash!
Matt Bomer as The Flash!

The Flash is time-tripping between eras and parallel earths, as the anti-matter wave moves through the infinite multiverse leaving ashes in its wake. After moving through several pivotal life events, from his origins to the formation of the Justice League, to becoming trapped on Earth-3 controlled by the Crime Syndicate, The Flash is part of an assembled group by the mysterious Monitor to find a solution. The idea that Barry can use his super-speed and accelerate, and vibrate between the parallel earths, gives the think tank of heroes the idea to create a series of tuning forks to counter the anti-matter.

In what is a likely wink-and-a-nod to the live-action television version of The Flash that starred Grant Gustin, the Monitor’s agent, The Harbinger (who in a twist is someone our heroes have met before) begins her effort to gather all of the parallel earth's heroes at the wedding of Barry Allen and Iris West. DC audiences will recall the “Crisis on Earth-X” assault that takes place in the “Arrowverse” series on their wedding day, which was the first significant event that involved multiple earths (including the animated exploits) to play out.

Placing The Flash at the center of it all, especially for this first part of the trilogy, is a thrillingly potent ingredient giving the Scarlet Speedster much gravitas. When writing the original story, Wolfman admitted that both he and Pérez concluded that for “Crisis” to succeed on every level there had to be significant consequences. In the original, The Flash makes the ultimate sacrifice to save the worlds; significantly, the Silver Age hero, the first to traverse the multiverse is a major player in finding a solution to save all of existence.

Building on Legacy

The “Crisis” storyline remains one of comic book enthusiasts’ most favored arcs, and to now experience it in this animated adventure and have it take its turn, makes this version stand on its own feet. Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One is faithful in spirit to the work of Wolfman and Pérez, and every other creative that has followed and contributed to the saga. This is also for all Flash fans an opportunity to give this hero a much greater place in the overall mythology. Barry Allen has always been the heart of the DC pantheon of heroes and holds a special place in pop culture.

Heroes await their final fate.
Heroes await their final fate.

The story in the animated film gives Barry Allen, especially as voiced by Matt Bomer a genuinely heightened heroic relevance. The character’s sacrifice reads on an entirely new level, and as with each adaptation of “Crisis”, The Flash’s greatest moment, in the greatest story of all time, is always one of the most wonderful examples of what a true hero is. It’s also proof that “Crisis” is a story that can never be told, or further explored without the contribution of the Fastest Man Alive. This first part pays tribute to that bit and opens the door for some truly innovative storytelling.

Get your #FansEyeView of the trailer for Justice League: Crisis on Infinite Earths Part One here:

DC UNIVERSE MOVIE JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS Part One | starring the Voice Talents of Matt Bomer, Jensen Ackles, Darren Criss, and Meg Donnelly, directed by Jeff Wamester is available now in Digital Download and will be available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray.

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