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iTunedIN | COLTON FORD | "Unity" - The Single

The new single from COLTON FORD is poised to cause quite a stir as “UNITY” hits the airwaves just in time to celebrate PRIDE season and the country’s reemergence from quarantine after a 500-day lockdown, it’s time we all come together.

No doubt it’s been a difficult year, to say the least, but there’s finally (after much toil and tantrum) a light at the end of the tunnel. The world is starting to come back to some semblance of normal, and with the LGBTQ+ PRIDE Season in full swing, many of us in the community are looking forward to getting back out and reconnect with friends and family, and most importantly making certain that after the last four-years of strife and uncertainty we take back our country and unify.

On his latest single, musician, cultural provocateur, and social advocate, COLTON FORD is amplifying that message. “UNITY” is off or the artist’s recent EP (of the same name) which is a sampling of some of the tracks that will be making up the setlist of his upcoming highly anticipated full-length release. The track’s original arrangement is a beat-heavy romp with a heavy dose of Caribbean percussion to make it the perfect song for the season. The lyrics are celebratory and positive — it’s an anthem track that is meant to inspire and provide some much-needed optimism.

Ford sings on the track “we’re breaking free; there’s a rainbow in a pot of gold in unity.” His message is clear and present and much needed. There’s been so much oppressive energy taking over and building into our cultural psyches; we’ve been feeling rejected and unseen, but we are “the one medication that we’ve needed for the stuff that’s going ‘round.” Colton Ford is reminding us through music and community we have an undeniable amount of power that we can access and the time is right to make our voices heard. So let’s join Colton Ford on “Unity” and let yourself be seen and heard!

The single is available now on all digital download music outlets (find your favorite here) and features the Original track as well as two remixes: “Spin’s Club Banger Remix” and “Ron’s Get Down with Your Bad Self Remix” rounding out the package and prepping us all for the upcoming circuit club season!

Check out the video for “Unity” here:

“Unity” | Colton Ford | is available to download here on iTunes and additional music store outlets and is released on Woop Woop Productions.


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