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iTunedIN | ICONA POP & ULTRA NATÉ — “You’re Free”

The Dance Duo team-up with an original Dance Floor Diva for a reimagining of a classic dance anthem just in time to kick things off for PRIDE season.

Do what you want! In 1997 Ultra Naté dominated on the Billboard Dance Music Charts with her indelible dance hit “Free”. The song has endured as one of PRIDE Season’s most revered anthems and has been remixed and rearranged over the years by its original artists several times. Now the pop-duo Icona Pop has collaborated with Ultra Naté on the 25th Anniversary of the original for a revisiting of the hit they’re calling “You’re Free”. It’s the first release from Icona Pop since the 10th Anniversary reworking of their hit “I Love It” feat. Charli XCX.

The timing of its release is even more relevant given that “You’re Free” is perfectly positioned as this season’s PRIDE anthem with a resounding message to anyone that is feeling vulnerable or disenfranchised. About the collaboration, Icona Pop said, “We’ve always loved Ultra Naté’s original, and used to play it in the clubs as DJs in Stockholm. It is the ultimate expression or what we want Icona Pop to represent: freedom to whomever you want to be.” The duo admitted it was intimidating when they started with the idea to revitalize the track with a new, fresh approach.

When they learned that Ultra Naté wanted to work along with them on it, suddenly it came together. “I feel like what has come together here,” expressed Ultra Naté, “is so special and made for this moment. [It’s] the kind of interpretation I had hoped for.” The song has now been (re)introduced to an entirely new generation, with its liberating message of self-expression and individuality, it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. “You’re Free” stands to come out as one of the most danceable tracks of the circuit scene.

Check out the music video here:

YOU’RE FREE | by Icona Pop & Ultra Naté | is available to download on iTunes and additional digital music store outlets. Download from iTunes here.

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