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iTunedIN | KYLIE MINOGUE - Infinite Disco

Kylie Minogue goes back to the disco with the live album release of Infinite Disco from her 2021 streaming event! Features tracks from DISCO her 15th studio album including some of her greatest hits remade to sync with the dancefloor vibe and overall Studio 54 feel.

The dance floor is open! The pop music world’s Goddess of Love Kylie Minogue didn’t allow a little thing like a global pandemic to keep her spirits down. While the world took to the labors of quarantine, Minogue innovated in her isolation and produced her fifteenth studio effort, interestingly enough a full-on pop/dance epic entitled DISCO. And although COVID had all but shuttered the club scene and nightlife across every major city, it didn’t keep Kylie keeping the lights on in her head.

During her last European tour, one of the tracks on the setlist “New York City” struck Minogue and her dancers. The song celebrated the bygone days of Studio 54, and it rejuvenated the artist who had always solidified herself as the pop/dance market's most viable act in the genre. The timing of DISCO couldn’t have been more interesting, and as Kylie dove into production on the album’s tracks, she had to turn her closet into a home recording studio and engineered her own vocals while collaborating with her team.

With clubs and venues on lockdown, that didn’t keep Kylie Minogue from realizing a stunning visual presentation of the music on the new album. She assembled a creative team to bring her vision to life and called it “Infinite Disco”. The nearly full-hour online broadcast aired as a streaming live event on New Year’s Eve 2020. Minogue re-released the full album again in a special “Guest List Edition” that featured remixes and duets with Years & Years, Dua Lipa, Jessie Ware, and disco diva Gloria Gaynor. A collector’s release also included a Blu-ray and CD of Infinite Disco now available on digital.

Check out the music video to “Can’t Stop Writing Songs About You” by Kylie Minogue & Gloria Gaynor:

The live recording offered now to fans as a digital download includes all the tracks from the live broadcast with hit singles from DISCO that emphasize, Minogue’s homage to late 70s disco featuring “Magic”, “I Love It”, “Real Groove” and more. Kylie also pulled from her catalog of favorites and reinterpreted some of her greatest hits to fit the theme with disco reimagines of “Love at First Sight”, “Light Years” and a mash-up of “Slow” with the Donna Summer classic “Love to Love You Baby” that really rounds out the experience very nicely.

INFINITE DISCO | by Kylie Minogue | is available to download on iTunes and additional digital music store outlets. Download from iTunes here.

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