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iTunedIN | MICHAELA JAÉ - “Something to Say” The New Single

Stepping out of the ballroom and onto the R&B/Pop Charts, “Pose” star MICHAELA JAÉ is sharing her debut single “Something to Say” and making it clear…this triple-threat talent is sending a message of life, love and celebration!

With a winning season of one of prime-time’s most popular and relevantly timed offerings getting ready to come to an end, POSE leading lady Michaela Jaé (Mj) Rodriguez is already preparing for her next steps. The third and final season of the Emmy-winning FX series, from Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Steven Canals which brought back into the mainstream and widened the lens upon New York City’s underground ballroom culture of the late 80s into the 90s and centered on Mj’s character “Blanca” and the family she surrounded herself with.

The series is a celebratory and often heartfelt look at the often-portrayed tragedies of the LGBTQ community in the midst of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and always found a brighter side and hopeful intention, as Blanca branded her eternal optimism and served hope and love, inspiring her “children” to aspire to greatness. The show’s message is one that resonates very closely with many of the children of the era, but most of all it speaks to anyone, especially our transgender community, today that has been made to feel disenfranchised.

Being an outsider is something that Michaela Jaé can relate to, and it is evident in how the talented actress/singer has approached her life and career, “Obstacle” is not a word in her vocabulary. Between her live performances, appearing most recently in Pasadena Playhouse’s production of Little Shop of Horrors, to a high-profile, groundbreaking gig on Pose, Michaela Jaé has managed to stay one step ahead of her critics and any naysayers. in her new single “Something to Say” the singer delivers a steadfast proclamation of her intent to give anyone who feels they may not have a voice.

Something to Say…

Now that her television epic is coming to a close, Michaela Jaé is evolving into the next logical direction for her as an artist and performer. The single “Something to Say” is a collaboration with PWP (compromised of Verdine White of the legendary Earth, Wind and Fire, Neal Pogue, and Nick Ferraro and Duncan Hood). “This song is for every one around the world,” Rodriguez said, “for them to stop, look around and see how we have more in common than we actually realize. To stand up for what we believe. To embrace one another’s differences. Let’s stand for LOVE! We are one!”

Perfectly timed to inaugurate the first weekend of PRIDE Month and as the series finale of Pose sets to premiere, “Something to Say” is a perfectly produced melange of disco, classic r&b and funk with a bit of modern pop make for an infectious summer anthem. It’s a brightly articulate and celebratory track that is exactly what the warm weather is begging for as we learn to reintegrate ourselves into a world that is ready and waiting for all of us! We’ll all have something to say — and the party — thanks to Michaela Jaé, is just getting started!

“Something to Say” | Michaela Jaé | is available to download on iTunes and additional music store outlets. You can listen to the track here.

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