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iTunedIN | OLIVER HELDENS feat. KYLIE MINOGUE - 10 Out Of 10

A Pop Music Feature

Hit-Making DJ/Producer OLIVER HELDENS has teamed up with pop-music’s own Goddess of Love KYLIE MINOGUE for the groovy summer anthem “10 Out Of 10” looking to score big on the summer’s circuit season!

The race for the song of the summer has begun! 2023 is promising to turn into a monumentally huge year for dance music. With the pandemic now moving out of the danger zone and many returning to more public venues and surroundings, the warmer weather is sure to inspire a vibrant nightlife and increased attendance at EDM music festivals and circuit parties is likely guaranteed. Dance music is also, once again, moving into the mainstream pop artists are once again embracing the opportunity to collaborate with the dance genre’s best producers.

Among those artists that are always engaging on the scene, Kylie Minogue is once again bringing out the lover in all of us. The pop-chanteuse and ethereal Pop Goddess of Love couldn’t contain herself and produced the dance-heavy DISCO in the midst of COVID-19 and dared her followers to keep the dance alive. With a career longevity that has proven the test of time, Minogue has collaborated with Dutch DJ/remix producer Oliver Heldens for this summer’s lead club contender for Song the Season with “10 Out of 10”.

The track expertly supports Minogue’s sugary sweet siren-like vocals, accompanied by its thumping beat and shiny shimmery production, and a crystal synth that harkens back to the 80s Euro-Pop dance music that put Minogue on the charts stateside. No stranger to lending her sonic participation on dance-dedicated hits, who could forget Kylie’s last major turn appearing on disco legend Giorgio Moroder’s 2015 chart-topper “Right Here, Right Now”. For his contribution, Heldens has properly set the tone for a revitalization of the anthem sounds that many dance devotees have been so harshly deprived of. “10 Of of 10” joyfully pays homage to the underground ballroom culture which has been recently brought back to its glory and supported by high-profile artists like Beyonce and Madonna.

Take a look and listen! Here is your #FanzEyeView of the lyric video to “10 Out Of 10” by Oliver Heldens feat. Kylie Minogue.

10 OUT OF 10 - The Single | by Oliver Heldens feat. Kylie Minogue | is available now on iTunes and other online music store retailers. Download from iTunes here.

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