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iTuneIN | Kylie Minogue Gives Up a “Real Groove”

Hit after hit is emerging from the Goddess of Love’s new album DISCO and the next offering is sure to excite her trove of fans! “Real Groove” is on track to be the next single and will undoubtedly race up the dance charts.

She knows how to party. Fortunately for us. One of the greatest surprises of the fall season was the announcement that Kylie Minogue was about to release a new full-length album. Not allowing the isolation brought on by pandemic quarantine get to her, the pop/dance music diva set out to produce the most danceable album of her career. DISCO is a full-on homage to synth-beats and rhythms of a bygone era, though one that is very close to her heart.

The dance floor is synonymous with Minogue, who has fashioned a career built on chart-topping dance tracks and pop hits. On DISCO she relented to her whims of exploring the best parts of the 70’s disco club-scene and the prolific contributions of artists like Giorgio Moroder and Niles Rodgers. During a section of her 2019 staged show, Minogue dedicated a section to Studio 54 and realized that her next album would be ripe for the dance floor. The result is epitomized across the album’s setlist and most profoundly on its next single “Real Groove”.

Relegated to working from her home studio because of the pandemic, the timing of releasing a dance-inspired album was heavy on her mind, but it also forced Minogue to become more creative and dive into the aspects of engineering an album that would have to provide a much-needed escape, with the promise of a bit of normal on the horizon. “Real Groove” has every bit the infamous Kylie coquettishness that fans have come home to, again and again. It’s strangely reminiscent of a classic CHIC trick and has plenty of Niles Rodgers funk to liven it up.

The club scene may be taking a pause for the moment, and devotees are already looking to 2021 for a brighter light as we emerge from this quarantine cocoon, shedding the confines of this chrysalis to spread our fluttering wings and catch the breeze on the other side. Fortunately, the club inside our heads is fully served up, thanks to Kylie Minogue just set “Real Groove” on repeat, and the party is happening all the time! As to when the remixes of “Real Groove” will become available, one will just have to wait.

DISCO | Digital Deluxe Edition | Kylie Minogue is available to download here and exclusively at

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