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Season Pass | KRYPTON Season 2

The Second Season of SyFy Network’s original series set on the home world of Superman, returns and the future fate of the Man of Steel hangs in the balance as Krypton spins into anarchy!

Perhaps among one of the most underrated Original Series that premiered in recent times, is executive producer David Goyer’s deep dive into the backstory of the homeworld of DC’s greatest hero. In Krypton Season 2 the fight for the future of the planet is in the hands of only a few. The planet devourer Brainiac has come to claim the capital of Kandor, and Superman’s ancestors have been forced to side with their greatest enemies in an effort to preserve the future.

The Original Series returns to SyFy on June 12, 2019, and if you don’t want to miss an episode you can subscribe to a Season Pass available now on iTunes. The First Season is also available at a discounted price and will give you an opportunity to get familiar with the show that every Superman fan has got to be watching. The origins and sociological backstory of Krypton have intrigued readers for years. The planet was further explored in Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel and given a significant amount of texture, illustrating just how alien the culture is compared to Earth.

Goyer takes the audience to even greater depths of Krypton’s history, through the lens of the experience of Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) an ancestor of the Man of Steel, who learns that a villain from the future has set in motion a series of events, in the past, determined to erase Superman from history altogether. At the conclusion of Season One all looked grim, Seg-El was lost to the Phantom Zone, the tyrannical General Zod had risen to power, and Black Zero prepared to form a resistance force just as the destructive force of Doomsday appeared to be awake!

Krypton Season 2 is available now on iTunes and returns to SyFy network on June 12, 2019.

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