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Star Wars Rebels: Bridging the Battle


The animated adventure sets up the connectivity between the prequel saga and the events leading up to “A New Hope”.

The animated Cartoon Network series Star Wars: The Clone Wars which ran for several award-winning seasons, elaborated upon the escalation of the darkest times within the Republic. The time between Episode II and Episode III needed its own platform in which to evolve the story that leads to the downfall of Anakin Skywalker and gives rise to the evil Empire and the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vader.

Now as an entire new generation brace themselves for Episode VII: The Force Awakens more gaps in the history of the Star Wars universe are getting filled in and reveal to audiences the beginnings of the resistance force set to liberate the galaxy from tyranny in Star Wars Rebels. Season 2 is now in fall swing and the band of rebels audiences followed in Season 1 have found themselves in a league all of their own.


Now part of the Rebellion’s “Phoenix Squadron” the renegade Jedi Ahsoka Tano has invited the crew of the Ghost to join them against the growing tyranny of the evil Galactic Empire as Star Wars Rebels rolls into its second season.

A familiar face from the past, the former apprentice Ahsoka Tano has followed the exploits of the force sensitive new apprentice Ezra and his mentor Jedi warrior Kanan. Their rebel sects have intersected with Ahsoka’s “Phoenix Squadron” and now present themselves as a real threat to the Galactic Empire, so much so that they’ve attracted the attention of Darth Vader.

In the premiere episode “The Siege of Lothal” the crew of the Ghost find themselves returning to the planet of Lothal, which has grown more tightly intertwined in Imperial politics. No longer having any faith in its leading Imperial official to control the growing rebellion, a plan to defect is set in play that lands Kanan and Ezra in direct conflict with Darth Vader, and Ahsoka is reminded of her former master Anakin.

When Season 2 continues, the first episode’s arc re-introduce some of the more colorful members of the clone warriors that fought alongside the Jedi Knights. The exiled leader Captain Rex along with Wolf and another one of their clone brothers, reunite with the rebels to continue the fight against their former captors. Rex works deliberately to win over the Jedi Kanan and the two unite in episode 7 “Stealth Strike”.

With the Star Wars saga only gaining more notoriety now with the release of the latest feature film in theaters, the first new film in a decade, Star Wars Rebels is a richly appreciated part of the mythology that begins to bring it all closer together and especially bridges the gap between the feature films. Season 2 of Star Wars Rebels is available now on iTunes and returns to conclude the season on Disney X D in 2016.

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