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The DC TV Universe Explodes Next Fall!

With all the casting news circulating this summer about the upcoming fall season premieres of The CW hit action series based on the DC Comics Super-Hero universe, one would imagine it's like blockbuster season all over again! The CW's primetime 8pm line-up next fall is looking more and more like a season of the animated Justice League Unlimited come to life! Not that we're complaining -- not in the least!

Once the word went out that CBS instead of canceling its hero show Supergirl starring Melissa Benoist gave it up to The CW, heads exploded with the possibilities! Imagine a network where every night of the week a DC Comics hero or heroine, or team of heroes, dominated. Well that's exactly what's happened, and with a major cliffhanger ending at the end of Season 2 of The Flash anything is possible.

When Grant Gustin returns as CSI investigator Barry Allen for Season 3 of his top rated show, things are going to be very different for the Fastest Man Alive, especially since he's caused a "FlashPoint" event by altering the past! If you think that doesn't come with its own set of consequences well...let's just say that nothing is going to be exactly as Barry imagined it.

Supergirl joins Arrow and The Flash next fall on The CW.

When the series opens up Barry will be in for a rude awakening! This season will be introducing Kid Flash when Keiynan Lonsdale joins the main cast as a series regular in the role of Wally West. Also coming onboard to raise some hell will be the return of the villainous Reverse-Flash played by Matt Letscher and the "big bad" this season will be two-fold when Dr. Alchemy and Savitar appear in Season 3. Rumors are also surfacing that Captain Cold played by Wentworth Miller will also be causing some trouble for everyone's favorite speedster, including helping to assemble the Legion of Doom.

This promotional art from 2015 teased the possibilities...

Presumably joining this secret society of super-villainy run amok will be Arrow baddies Damien Darhk (played by Neal McDonough) and Malcolm Merlyn (played by John Barrowman), though it looks like Green Arrow (played by Stephen Amell) will have his hands full not only as the new mayor of Star City, but keeping the murder rate from getting out of hand as a series of vigilantes including the Vigilante (reportedly Josh Segarra has been cast in the role) and Wild Dog (casting Rick Gonzalez).

That's a whole lot of gunfire going on over in Star City, but rest assured Team Arrow will be getting some help in the form of Evelyn Sharp, a character introduced in Season 4 that impersonated the now deceased Black Canary (former series regular Katie Cassidy) who will be taking up the code-name of Artemis a member of the comic book teen heroes Young Justice. Returning in the role as Sharp will be Madison McLaughlin.

As for DC's Legends of Tomorrow the team will be taking on some new heavy-hitters when it returns for Season 2. After fulfilling their mission and vanquishing the evil of Vandal Savage (played by Casper Crump) the group experienced something of a shake-up especially when the (out of) timely arrival of Rex Tyler (played by Patrick J. Adams) introducing himself as a member of the Justice Society of America. There will be some new faces onboard the WaveRider including Citizen Steel and a "Golden Age" Vixen.

How will "FlashPoint" (re)shape the DC TV Universe?

The JSA will also be playing a very important role in the show's first arc in Season 2, and many are speculating that after John Wesley Shipp untimely demise at the hands of Zoom! and reintroduction on The Flash as Jay Garrick aka The Flash of Earth-3 that the Golden Age heroes may have a lasting impression across the DC TV multiverse, which remains to be seen! The Legion of Doom will also be plaguing the lives of our intrepid time travelers.

As if that isn't enough when Supergirl joins The CW line-up next fall she'll be bringing with her the big guns, when Tyler Hoechlin comes to National City as the Man of Steel Superman for at least 2 episodes at the beginning of the new run. There will be several additional DC characters making their way onto that show but many are speculating as to how Supergirl will end up connecting with the rest of the series. Last year, The Flash made a guest appearance and revealed that he indeed exists on a parallel earth to Supergirl's, but after the events of the "FlashPoint" come into play will that "reboot" the DC TV Universe/

Stay tuned!

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