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Trailer | DC’s DOOM PATROL Season 3

The Official Teaser Trailer has just dropped for the highly anticipated Season 3 of DC’s DOOM PATROL on HBOMax and it is as out of control as fans have come to expect! The Emmy-nominated hit series reunites this band of misfit heroes determined to save the world!

When last we checked in on the Doom Patrol the unlikeliest heroes in the DC TV Universe it looked like the group had finally lived up to their name and after tempting fate once too many times, had finally met an end! It’s a good thing that’s not the case, especially after we got our “First Look” at the upcoming DC’s DOOM PATROL Season Three teaser which is every bit as trippy as you’d expect it to be! It appears that after making the ultimate sacrifice to help save the life of Dorothy, their chief Niles Caulder’s daughter, the group has been given a second chance…

…but at what cost?

All they ever wanted was to be heroes, and now it looks like the Doom Patrol is in for the fight to end all existence! How existential of them! Starring Diane Guerrero as the multi-faceted Crazy Jane, Matt Bomer as Larry Trainor, The Negative Man, April Bowlby as Rita Farr, The Elasti-Woman, Brendan Fraser as Cliff Steele, The Robot Man and Joivan Wade as Victor Stone, The Cyborg with Timothy Dalton as “The Chief” Niles Caulder, the third season of this Emmy-award nominated Original Series is taking off and entering uncharted territory.

Since its introduction into the DC TV Universe Doom Patrol has marched to its own rhythm and kept very close to adapting the best-selling and often very bizarre story arcs by writer Grant Morrison who envisioned a superhero dynamic unlike any compared to the other characters in the DC Comics pantheon. The Doom Patrol have always sat uniquely onto themselves and although prompted comparisons to Marvel’s X-Men aside from the group’s introduction of the Titans team member Beast Boy, they’ve very much avoided mainstream popularity.

Check out the trailer here:

Many critics have cited The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has come very close in its attempt at capitalizing on the obscure nature of the storylines Morrison introduced during his time as a writer on “The Doom Patrol” books, but given the platform the series receives launching on HBO Max, the series can be much more daring and take more chances — as it has done to great interest. Season 3 will also be introducing many of the books most nefarious villains teasing much to the enthusiasm of fans cybernetic tyrant The Brain and other members The Brotherhood!

#StayTuned as we cover the latest season of Doom Patrol with episode reviews and news.

DC’s DOOM PATROL | Season 3 will premiere exclusively on HBO Max on September 23, 2021.

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