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Trailer | STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Season 2

Journey back to the Final Frontier as the second season of STAR TREK: Discovery promises the inclusion of some familiar (and not so familiar) faces when the crew ventures aboard Starfleet’s most famous ship!

At the conclusion of the incredible premiere season of the CBS All Access original series Star Trek: Discovery the crew of the Federation’s experimental ship found themselves traversing the Mirror Universe, preventing an enemy incursion by their extra-dimensional adversaries and returned to a Federation that has been largely invaded by the Klingon Empire. It appears that while the Discovery was away the war has been waged! Just as the ship was preparing to go to warp, the find themselves in the crosshairs of the Enterprise!

Now audiences have gotten a first look as the crews of both ships finally come together. The Enterprise is captained by Christopher Pike (played by Anson Mount, Marvel’s Inhumans) who has decidedly taken control of Discovery and is preparing to warp the ship into its next mission. Sonequa Martin-Green who stars as Discovery’s special attache Michael Burnham, also has an interesting connection to the Enterprise: her foster brother is Mr. Spock, Pike’s science officer and the third in command of the Enterprise.

Although it is apparent that the role of Spock has not yet been cast for Star Trek: Discovery it is inevitable that the famous Vulcan will ultimately play a signifiant role in this season’s arc of the series. Series creator and show runner Alex Kurtzman is promising this season of the subscription-only series will be more light-hearted and return to the space exploration fundamentals of the original, though fans hope it maintains the edge that made it one of the most hyped and exhilarating new series of 2018.

Premiering the first look trailer at San Diego Comic-Con left fans excited for more who cheered the cast on which included cast members confirmed to be returning for another go around of discovery!

The new season of Star Trek: Discovery is set to premiere in January 2019.

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