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Irish singer Murphy unleashes her inner glam-disco-rock star with Overpowered -- this symphonically unique exploration has to be heard and worshipped!

Getting through the drudgery of my weekend-warrior workout, if I hadn't unplugged from my exhaustively tired own repertoire I would never have come across this fetching tune! "Let Me Know" from pop/dance act Róisín Murphy immediately penetrated me with a new found aural stimuli that inspired me to add on some serious reps, and before even I even knew it I was browsing the artist all through her catalog and was literally overpowered!

Now that's the name of this Dublin native's 2007 album release and I guarantee you, if you download Overpowered now available on iTunes, it'll be like a new experience! As if someone just opened the door and allowed 80s dance/pop to flood into the room and mix with 90s electronica with an unparalleled result that is purely powerful and fascinating! The 13-track setlist includes the aforementioned "Let Me Know" and also the rock-tinged savagery of "Primitive" and "Movie Star".

The EMI Records recording artist has of course released more music since, but this ditty from 2007 is worth turning back the clock. Let me know what you think...

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