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UnBoxing | THE BATMAN Action Figure

Review of Collectible Merchandise

The latest iteration of THE BATMAN for the Matt Reeves movies provides the most bare-bones cinematic look at Gotham City’s masked defender and it’s remarkably well captured in the highly articulated and heavily detailed action figure from S.H.Figuar

Filmmaker Matt Reeves was handed the reigns of the Caped Crusader franchise and when Reeves pitched his idea to the folks at Warner Bros. he wanted to go back to the basics with the hero, but not necessarily retell the character’s origins. In The Batman, the 2022 blockbuster, the Dark Knight Detective as portrayed by Robert Pattinson, known for his lead role in The Twilight Saga, is still very much learning the ropes of navigating this dual identity, as an urban crime fighter determined to root out the corruption at the heart of his city.

As in every cinematic iteration of the DC comic book icon, the costume — a suit of armor, Batman dons every night to more appropriately strike fear into the hearts of the fowl underworld, plays a significant role in determining the action. Most recently, Batman had been played on screen by Ben Affleck under the mindful eye of director Zack Snyder, who needed a shadowy caped figure that could go toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel, Henry Cavill’s muscle-bound Superman. That suit, first introduced in BvS: Dawn of Justice has been considered the closest the movie Batman has come to look like the comic rendering that has captured imaginations for more than 80 years.

For his movie, Matt Reeves needed to imply that Bruce Wayne hadn’t figured out all the nuances of his alter-ego’s mission and was still putting a lot of the pieces together. Reeves required that every piece of the Batsuit have a purpose, and he also wanted to capture many of the silhouettes that harkened back to the character’s very early designs as he was introduced by Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Reeves tasked his designers David Crossman and Glyn Dillon with realizing the masked avenger that would stalk the city streets of Gotham on the hunt for the criminal element.

The result is a very contemporary design that also has a very practical while appealing to nostalgia. Although very effective, the film’s very explicit film noir-like cinematography did make it a challenge to capture proper details of actor Robert Pattinson in full gear. Fortunately for the avid collector, various action figures have hit the market that put The Batman right in the palm of your hand. The most popular [and affordable] release is the McFarlane Toys 7” action figure, which also featured an unhooded version. For the adult collector, the S.H.Figuarts is really a much better find.

Unboxing Vengeance!

Though markedly shorter in stature than the McFarlane Toys offering, the 6”, 1/12 scale action figure is expertly detailed. Toymakers Tamashii Nations uses Digital Printing technology to recapture in precession detail every aspect of the film suit, including replicating the likeness of actor Robert Pattinson as an unmasked Bruce Wayne. The figure also features a cloth cape with an integrated wire for famously recapturing some of the film’s soon-to-be classic poses. In the tradition of all Tamashii Nations S.H.Figuarts figures in the line, it is highly articulated and realistically proportioned.

Batman is ready for action and fully accessorized with Grapnel Gun, Handcuffs, and the Adrenaline Pen used by our hero in the movie’s climatic battle against The Riddler’s disciples in order to win the day. Along with the Unmasked Bruce Wayne face portrait with warpaint across his eyes, the package includes Interchangeable Hands for more flexibility. Buyers are warned and avoided purchasing pricey inferior knockoffs: all Bandai Namco merchandise is affixed with the official label to ensure product safety and lives up to the high quality. Pirated products are often wrought with manufacturer defects.

This is every fan's opportunity to see the amazing detail of THE BATMAN armor up close. From the taser gauntlets to the very practical “first pass” utility belt, every conceptional piece is fully realized. With the sequel to the blockbuster film already in full swing, it’ll be interesting to see how this Batsuit evolves especially as Bruce Wayne’s mission to save the soul of Gotham City continues. Here is your chance to own a fun-filled replica of Hollywood memorabilia fashioned after one of the most iconic heroic figures in popular culture.

THE BATMAN | Tamashii Nations S.H.Figuarts Action Figure | $89.99 | is available from most online retailers and can be purchased here at Entertainment Earth and is also available on Amazon. Check out the TAMASHII NATIONS Store [on Amazon] for more exciting merchandise.

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