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UnBoxing | USS ENTERPRISE (Star Trek: Discovery)

The classic hero ship gets a “refit” for its appearance in the Second Season of Star Trek: Discovery and is captured in a beautifully crafted XL Edition for fans to covet and add to their own fleet courtesy of Eaglemoss Collections.

With the anticipation over the premiere of the Second Season of the CBS All Access Original Series Star Trek: Discovery has certainly drummed up expectations of fans who are looking forward to returning to Federation space and travel the interstellar spaceways with the crew of the USS Discovery. The inaugural season of the newest Star Trek spin-off, the first since Enterprise went off the air a decade ago, featured more twists and turns and did more for expanding the universe of Gene Roddenberry’s final frontier than even the big screen reboot by J.J. Abrams.

At the conclusion of a surprising turn of events that included an incursion into the alternate “mirror” universe, before the Starship Discovery returned to normal space and the continuing engagements between the Klingon Empire and Starfleet, the crew intercepted a message from a ship in the fleet — that vessel designated NCC-1701 — the USS Enterprise. With Star Trek: Discovery chronologically spaced 10 years before Captain Kirk’s famous five-year mission, the commanding officer on the bridge of the Enterprise would most likely be Captain Pike.

The latest trailers for Season Two of Star Trek: Discovery have confirmed that Pike will indeed be joining the adventure this season aboard the Discovery; in fact, he’ll be stepping into the center seat and will be played by Anson Mount. The last actor to portray Pike was Bruce Greenwood who played the decorated captain on the big screen for J.J. Abrams reboot Star Trek set in the alternate “Kelvin” timeline after Jeffrey Hunter originated the role for the pilot episode “The Cage” of The Original Series.

In the cliffhanger final moments of Season Two, the USS Enterprise comes into view and aligns itself against the USS Discovery. Although she’s strikingly familiar in her classic configuration, it’s very obvious that this version of the Constitution-class starship has been modified to sync with the look and feel of the current Star Trek universe. Though only glimpsed on screen for a few seconds, the new Enterprise was captured in greater detail by longtime production artist John Eaves who featured the two hero ships alongside one another in recently released production art.

Strikingly familiar but modernized with only a few slight details the USS Enterprise as it will appear this season on “Star Trek: Discovery”.


It didn’t take very long for Eaglemoss Collections to bring this latest iteration of the Enterprise to fans. Partnering with CBS to recreate the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 as part of its Star Trek Official Starship Collection of models for its XL Edition line which reproduces high-end collectible versions of its popular ship models in larger scale allowing for more detail and accurate styling, the model of the new USS Enterprise is spectacularly recreated as an 8 inch replica with striking surface detail, and is based on the John Eaves design.

The model, which stands superbly upon its display, is both subtly redesigned while still maintaining the look of the starship first introduced in the 1960s series, and suggests that it fits between Matt Jeffries original look while borrowing some particulars from the refit Enterprise that appeared in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Most obviously are the backswept struts that support the warp nacelles immediately giving this version of the starship are swifter looking appeal. The nacelles themselves have only been slightly modified by adhering to the Discovery sensibility and design.

The saucer section is far more elaborately detailed and suggests a few more “open” viewing areas and more obvious weapon systems, matching the look of the “refit” Enterprise that appeared in the motion picture, making for a more formidable ship. The model’s color also is in-line with the theme that audiences have become familiar with thanks to Discovery. At a whopping 8” this model sits handsomely right next to its sister ships also part of the XL Edition and will leave fans wanting more. It feels like an old friend dusted and polished off for a whole new generation.

Eaglemoss Collections | USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (2256) | Star Trek: Discovery part of the Star Trek Official Starships Collections XL Editions is available now from the Eaglemoss Collections website here: Shop

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