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Fans don't keep secrets from other fans...

News ebs and flows on a daily basis and I know that! FANZITE! is a site dedicated to sharing as much exciting good news as possible on all the things in pop-culture entertainment that we all want to know about. From the most trivial to the most outrageous!

I'd like to hear from you and would love to have your voice resonate and contribute to the expanding dialouge on FANZITE! Join the community!

Are you a dedicated follower of The Flash or are you more a straight shooter like Arrow? Are you going to be the first one in line for the premiere of the next Star Wars installment or are you more ready to go where no one has gone before when Star Trek returns to primetime? Tell me!

I want to hear about it! FANZITE! will always be operating to bring you some of the more exciting bits about your favorite talent. If you're more Margo Robbie or on team Gal Gadot lets get the wheels those gears turning. It's going to be a wonderful year and we're all one big happy squad!

Welcome to fandom! -- JC Alvarez






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Please let us know – credit and our eternal love guaranteed!
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