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DC Comics REBIRTH :: The Plot Deepens

We're getting closer to the epic conclusion of the DC COMICS "Rebirth" event! All secrets will be revealed...

Fans have been patiently anticipating the outcome of DC Comics most recent publishing rebrand an event entitled “Rebirth”. After much of the 2011 “The New 52” reboot which renumbered and retooled (not to mention retconned) much of the imprint’s more than 75 year established mythology and retrofitted most of the major character’s origins to appeal to millennial readers, the attempt at attracting younger readers left most diehard devotees in the dark!

After the time-twisting “FlashPoint” storyline which is considered the epicenter crisis that through everything for a loop and reignited the timeline, many faithful long-time readers discovered that the Flash/Barry Allen’s reckless abuse of the speed force, the energy band that gives him control over time and space caused a major backlash that rewrote history and erased some very important people from history.

For nearly all the time that the heroes have been working themselves through the current Earth-0 timeline (the Prime-Earth in the DC Comics Multiverse) someone had been missing from existence, someone significantly important to the post-Crisis universe. DC Universe: Rebirth written by Geoff Johns reintroduced Wally West, the one-time Kid Flash who succeeded Barry Allen as the Flash and who we learned had been trapped in a nexus between time and space.

Wally had been trying to reconnect with the “real world” but there were other elements at work, someone else was closely watching these events as they took place — and that someone had interfered in the Prime-Earth continuity. By the time Wally escapes from his captivity, he enters into a world that doesn’t remember who he is and also learns that a significant amount of time (10 years) has been stolen!

Now reunited with his former teammates in the Titans Wally is working to collect the pieces of his life. In the most recent issue of Titans #7 while has a meeting with Superman, who is himself a displaced version of his former self who existed before the events of the “FlashPoint” and was trapped on the patchwork world of Telos during “Convergence”. The mystery of who has tampered with the time stream is about to start taking shape…

In the upcoming April issues of Batman and The Flash a four-part arc entitled “The Button” will begin to put readers on the path to the climatic reveal of the story behind that smiley face button that Batman found imbedded in his Batcave wall. The two greatest detectives in the DC Universe, will be teaming up in issues #21 and #22 of the respective titles with a story by Tom King and Joshua Williamson, with art by Jason Fabok and Howard Porter.

Given the speed at which the "Rebirth" storyline is progressing and the considerable importance of factoring in the characters from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's iconic Watchman graphic novel into the equation, after "Rebirth" arrives at its conclusion it is safe to say...the DC multiverse may never be the same again!

"The Button" the next arc leading to the inevitable climax will debut in April and May and will also be released in special lenticular covers by Jason Fabok. For more follow this link to the DC Comics press release.

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