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Everything is about to change. That's what they keep saying about the upcoming new season of the hit AMC Original Series The Walking Dead. Things did appear precarious for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his intrepid group of survivors, but nothing could have prepared them for what the zombie apocalypse has in store for them next. Life appeared to be balancing out behind the suburban safety of Alexandria, but when Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) arrives on the scene, the worst is yet to come.

The group did a fairly good job of avoiding the Saviors, the name of Negan's group that run amok in the Sanctuary, but ultimately they all found themselves on their knees and at his murderous mercy. One among them will not be so lucky, and audiences have had an entire season to deal with the shock of what is yet to come. The stakes continue to rise, but when The Walking Dead returns for its Season 7 premiere, fans are going to be in for the most unpredictable season yet.

When the show returns, one of these folks will not!

The Walking Dead returns for Season 7, premiering on AMC, Sunday, Oct 23 @ 9/8c.

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