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DC’s STARGIRL Reveals “Golden Age” Flash in Season 2

John Wesley Shipp will be coming onto DC’s STARGIRL in Season 2 reprising his role as the “Golden Age” Flash, Jay Garrick, and founding member of the Justice Society of America in what will likely shape up to be this season’s most hyped “crossover” event!

Justice is served! When the new season of DC’s Stargirl returns the series, starring Brec Bassinger as our titular heroine, she will be affirming her place on The CW’s primetime superhero line-up as her legacy aligns with the “Arrow-verse” with the introduction of John Wesley Shipp reprising his role as “The Crimson Comet” the Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick — who will be revealed to have served as a member of the Justice Society of America; a team of superheroes and vigilantes that predate the Justice League.

Shipp’s participation in the ninth episode of the show’s second season will mark the first appearance of an “Arrow-verse” character — Jay Garrick has teamed up before with the other speedsters on The Flash — inside of Stargirl’s mythology firmly establishing that Courtney Whitmore’s “age of heroes” is relevantly connected to the rest of the DC primetime multiverse of heroes, sharing in the “Post-Crisis” existence of The Flash, Supergirl, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning and Batwoman, as well as joining the newest show in the line-up: Superman & Lois.

As suggested by the network’s press release, Shipp as Jay Garrick will play a “pivotal role in a flashback” that establishes him as a member of the Justice Society as a new threat emerges. Bassinger’s high-school heroine assumes the identity of the one-time JSAer, Starman (Joel McHale) after discovering and bonding with the Cosmic Staff. Along with some guidance from her step-father, Pat (Luke Wilson) the two recruit a new generation of heroes and thwart the schemes of the criminal organization known as the Injustice Society, the arch enemies of the JSA.

In a television season that was largely delayed by the global pandemic, pushing fall premiere dates well into winter, the network decidedly shelved plans for the highly anticipated annual DC “crossover” event, which might have been taxing on cast and crew given COVID-19 restrictions. Jay Garrick/The Flash’s appearance on DC’s Stargirl may be the closest fans come to get their wish, and one with great promise. In a season that will have seen two of the network’s powerhouses Supergirl and Black Lightning ending their runs, DC’s Stargirl is primed to succeed.

A fan-favorite of the superhero genre and its CW primetime universe, John Wesley Shipp is known for having played multiple roles on The Flash first as Henry Allen, the TV dad of Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen, The Flash’s alter-ego, before emerging as the Golden Age version of the speedster. Shipp is also known for his portrayal of Barry Allen in the original 1990 CBS version of The Flash a role he has reprised since. Shipp is also known for his roles on Dawson’s Creek and Teen Wolf.

DC’s STARGIRL | Season 2 | starring Brec Bassinger, Luke Wilson will premiere on The CW in the spring of 2021.


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