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ICYMI | THE BATMAN Gets a Camera Test

From out of the shadows a new Dark Knight emerges. Director Matt Reeves temps the torment of Internet trolls and gives fans a “First Look” at Robert Pattinson as THE BATMAN in this camera test of the actor in his cape and cowl.

It’s now a Hollywood tradition. Every generation will mark their ascension into the pop-culture landscape landing a leading role in a high-stakes franchise property. Actor Robert Pattinson is no stranger to the scrutiny. He’s appeared in undoubtedly the modern era’s biggest bankroll at the box-office, as a secondary character in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. That lead to a lead role in the teen-angst vampire movies based on best-selling novels; The Twilight Saga raised his profile and made him a heartthrob.

Pattinson has proven his mettle in cinema, carefully picking and selecting parts since wrapping up The Twilight Saga film series that have kept him apart from the glare of the paparazzi, but that’s all about the end. Production has begun on The Batman director Matt Reeves reinterpretation and perpetuation of the franchise centered on the DC Comics character that has proven blockbuster gold since emerging at the multiplex in 1989 with Tim Burton’s Batman starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.

Since then, there has been a proper sequel Batman Returns and two additional follow-ups, an entirely new prestige reset by Christopher Nolan that put Christian Bale in the role of Gotham City’s shadowy vigilante, and Zack Snyder’s attempt to challenge the success of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe with his brawlingly bombastic Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice which put Ben Affleck in the kevlar suit. Affleck appeared prepared to step into the coveted cape and cowl, reprising the role in Justice League and making a cameo in Suicide Squad.

Unfortunately, Reeves and the star couldn’t decide on the direction the Dark Knight would take, and the studio, Warner Bros. (after the considerable debate) allowed Affleck to walk away from his multi-million, multi-picture deal. This opened the flood gates and gave Reeves complete control of his movie. The Batman would now skew back to the vigilante’s early career, demanding the director find a new, younger and leaner leading man. Enter Robert Pattinson, who has generated a great deal of buzz for the high-profile role, which is expected to hit theaters on June 25, 2021.

In The Suit

Since the announcement of Pattinson’s casting, Reeves has been assembling his cast and has impressively tapped Colin Farrell as The Penguin, with Paul Dano stepping into the role of The Riddler. Zoë Kravitz is co-starring opposite Pattinson, as Bruce Wayne’s feline paramour Selina Kyle, the Catwoman. If those big names weren’t enough to whet the appetite of the rabid fanbase, Reeves almost broke the Internet when he revealed Pattinson in his Camera Test revealing the actor in his own Bat-suit.

Check it out here:

Though Reeves has promised The Batman is not a retooling of the origin story, which has been narrated on screen several times already, he is suggesting the this is the Caped Crusader in his early years as Gotham City’s protector and will give a far more forensic look into Batman’s skills as a clue-master and investigator, rather than a backstreet urban brawler. Although with several of his greatest nemesis already in the mix, there will be plenty of action, no doubt, as Batman confronts the criminal underworld plaguing his city.

The Batman starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Matt Reeves is currently in production and arrives in theaters on June 25, 2021.

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