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iFeature | Here There Be (DUNGEONS &) DRAGONS!

A Book and Gaming Feature

The World’s Greatest Role-Playing has always pitted its adventurous players in campaigns against dangerous foes and adversaries, but none are more challenging or perilous, or as fantastical as the mythic beasts that guard many of the game’s best-treasured secrets!

Chalk it up to the success of Netflix's hit Original Series Stranger Things for reigniting the popularity of the imaginative adventure role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. The one-time obscure past time that introduced hours of basement gatherings with intricate campaigns that lauded swords and sorcery treasure hunting in the depths of mysterious caverns that lead to any number of adversaries, man or monster, is once again in the mainstream and garnering attention from fans old and new still heralded as "the world's greatest role-playing game".

With the 2014 5th edition release of the basic rules, devoted game players are returning to the worlds of D&D and reconnecting with the fancies of their adolescence as well as charting all-new discoveries. Certainly one of the most enchanting aspects of D&D is right in the title of the game. Among the most enigmatic characters in the realms of the D&D multiverse are the dragons that game players often hope to encounter, even in the most casual campaigns that are played. Dragons come in all shapes and sizes in the myriad worlds of Dungeons & Dragons, and every species is formidable.

Among the most coveted content aside from the basic core rulebooks and the accompanying Dungeon Masters Guide and the lavishly illustrated Monsters Manual that gets the action started (and that's only if you want to learn every nook and cranny of the dimensions of D&D, are the supplemental series of books that further elaborate on the escapades. With each new supplementary release in the series, every bit of the imagination is promised to get fired up, but no adventure would be complete without properly examining the mythic legends and complexities of dragons, themselves.

Dragons of Every Kind!

Although Mike Wheeler and our heroes on Stranger Things have faced some pretty menacing monsters that they've been able to compare to threats they've fought in their imaginative D&D campaigns, from the Demogorgon, to the Mind Flayer, to Shadow Demons, they've not yet confronted a formidable foe the likes of the Queen of Dragons, Tiamat. With adventurous campaigns once again gaining momentum, among the most coveted tomes in the D&D family are those that elaborate on those legendary creatures. The 5th edition has three volumes that dive deep into the dragon age!

Published in 2021 Fizban's Treasury of Dragons is the first comprehensive and revised compendium explicitly for 5th edition use, and details the various dragon species first introduced in the revised Monsters Manuel (also for 5th edition use) as well as introducing and establishing the parameters for character creation of "draconic races" -- that's a humanoid species that have inherited traits, including skills and strengths that are often applicable to the larger creatures. This edition brings the various dragon skills and power sets up to speed and ably built for contemporary campaigns.

The book categorizes all dragon types from the Chromatic (the ones most familiar in the mainstream), including the species of Red, Blue, etc., and the more intelligent Metallic Dragons. There are also wildly exciting rules for incorporating Dragon Magic and mysticism. This makes Fizban’s Treasure of Dragons a must-have for players and dungeon masters alike eager to explore forbidden treasures and dangerous edges of the D&D frontier, even those courageous enough to journey to the world of Krynn, the home territory of the Dragonlance adventures and the legendary heroes of the lance.

The War of the Lance

In the adventure campaign, Dragonlance: Shadow of the Dragon Queen players return to the world of Krynn in this introductory narrative as the diabolical Dragon Queen, Takhisis begins to assemble her armies to reclaim the continents she was forced to abandon so long ago. The adventure helps to open up the world of Krynn to new players, through the lens of a pivotal battle that will shape the history of the world. The gameplay also offers campaigners the opportunity to elaborate on the story including instructions to use the Dragonlance: Warriors of Krynn board game.

Those familiar with D&D should be aware… this volume is not necessarily a full history of Krynn or of the popular chronicles (and its heroes) but sets up the components for dungeon masters and players to experience the War of the Lance and fight to decide the fate of Krynn for themselves.

Most recently, one more supplementary volume gives players and enthusiast readers deeper insight into the mythic beasts. The Practically Complete Guide to Dragons more eloquently dives into the varying species of dragons, and their unique traits. Beautifully illustrated, the book serves as an invaluable directory for dragons, their lifespans, details of their lairs, and most importantly their purposes and direction. The book sheds light on details that will undoubtedly assist DMs and players to better enhance imaginative interactions with dragons in the worlds of Dungeons & Dragons.

Together, all three volumes represent and epitomize the rich long-lasting history and dedication to the imagination that has inspired generations of friends to gather and spend valuable time together. The validation of the “sport” of D&D as experienced and shared by many celebrities has really enhanced the game’s profile. Dungeons & Dragons remains still to this day, one of the most influential past times in our popular culture, and whether you are a devoted game player or just a fan who indulges in the fantasy realms opened up within the pages of these books, the allure is irresistible! Adventure awaits!

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