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A Profile in PRIDE of the World of Wonder Original DocuSeries

The mystery and mystique of the ballroom scene is ripping the roof off the runway in the new World of Wonder Docu-Series HOUSE ON FIRE as its cast works the red carpet for the PRIDE-filled premiere!

The cast of HOUSE ON FIRE appear at NY premiere.
The cast of HOUSE ON FIRE appear at NY premiere.

For decades the ballroom subculture possessed an allure that was only meant for an exclusive few in the urban underground club scene of New York’s most decadent corners. In the late 80s and early 90s mostly minority gay youths found a safe harbor in the balls. Often disenfranchised, and cast out from their families unable to accept them for who they were, many sought shelter and community in the lower west side of Manhattan on the piers. At the time, the piers were a hub for sex workers and the only alternative for many in the transgender world to earn their living.

On those nights dedicated to the legendary balls, many found themselves illuminated and fit for the limelight — a promise of fame, fortune, and unrivaled validation by their peers. In those rooms, the catwalk became a safe space to present yourself and be seen. Choosing their names and adopting the titles of the fashion world’s most renowned artist as their own, these “houses” competed for notoriety, relevance — a celebrity — not afforded to many of them otherwise. Their weapons weren’t swords but with their bodies, and sharply toned faces, they could strike a pose that would cut deep!

The art and arrogance of this dance execution called “vogue”, existed and thrived here, these chambers of iridescent glory until a supernova of a pop star named Madonna exploded it onto the mainstream with her hit song, letting the light in on a world that was no longer meant to live in the shadows. In the time since the release of “Vogue,” the ballroom experience has moved in leaps in bounds and has been appropriated onto a larger platform that kept opening its iris. With the phenomenal success of the award-winning reality competition show “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” audiences became furthermore enthralled in the culture and its larger-than-life personalities.


When the competition series “Legendary” emerged, an entire generation of new rival Houses, exhibiting their most talented moves on the most massive runway available, the mystery of the ball had captured a whole new audience. There was no putting the genie back in the bottle. The inevitable curiosity to capture the characters and concepts, the personalities and perils, of the individuals dedicated to dance and drama of the ballroom, was already sparked. With the ascent of World of Wonder’s new Original Documentary Series House On Fire, which premiered two episodes on June 4th exclusively on the streaming service WOW Presents Plus, the roof has been lit.

The Category is Red Carpet Premiere!

The series stars were ready to turn heads at the Brooklyn, New York premiere of House On Fire. The excitement was palpable and everyone expressed enthusiasm at finally bringing audiences into their glamorous world. The significance was not lost on any of them, that given the current social climate, this indeed was the perfect moment to share their authentic selves. As Leyna Bloom put it: “We come together and celebrate how unique we are. We need to celebrate those differences.” Executive Producer and House Father, Yusef Mugler added, “It’s a labor of love, and so important to our culture.”

Bloom and Yusef both are successful in their lives outside the ballroom. Bloom is one of the world’s most photographed fashion and editorial models, and Yusef is a celebrity hairstylist who is responsible for the most defining looks today. The two figure prominently in House On Fire which will also put the cameras on the infamously popular House of Miyake-Mugler, and the children vying for legendary status. It’s a defining moment for the transgender community as well, as the religious-right strikes at their civil rights, to put these stories front and center and at the dinner table.

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World of Wonder presents HOUSE ON FIRE | A New Docu-Series | premiering new episodes on Tuesday and airing exclusively on the WOW Presents Plus streaming service.

This Profile in PRIDE celebrates those individuals in our world community who are proving the importance of sharing their stories and enhances the significance of visibility and living with pride.

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