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inTUNE :: Justin Timberlake's “Filthy” New Single

Pop-Music is getting “Filthy” again and Justin Timberlake is leading the revolution on the first single off his new album.

With all-eyes focused on the pop-music stratosphere as Justin Timberlake prepares to return to the world’s largest stage,

the entertainment-impresario has been seemingly pardoned and been invited to headline this year’s Super Bowl Half-Time show. The last time that Timberlake stepped into that spotlight he pulled more than focus, by inadvertently yanking on Janet Jackson’s costume and causing the seismic wardrobe malfunction heard round the world, now JT is back with a new album to promote, and its premiere single “Filthy” is reminiscent of the innovative sound that made the artist a standout.

Justin Timberlake just never seemed to fit the mold of the boy band, even during his tenure as the one-time frontman of *NSYNC. He clearly was set on carving a path for himself and calculated the steps to his exit away from his group antics even dating pop princess Britney Spears to solidify perception that he’s his own thing! Truth to tell Justin Timberlake always was, and by the turn of the millennium he marched properly into solo stardom — never looking over his shoulder once. Sixteen years later he’s prepared to let his audience further into the rabbit hole of his musicality on the dubiously entitled album Man of the Woods.

He’d have us believe that this is a project dedicated to revealing some as yet unexplored revelations of his early and earthy Tennessee upbringing, yet the premiere release “Filthy” is bouncy electro-pop musings of over-the-top rock stardom and healthy sex-play. It’s an infectious exploration for sure, and a tailor-made beat that will no doubt become the centerpiece of Timberlake’s Super Bowl show, but whether it’ll have legs to chart interest remains to be seen. The single itself sounds like a hybrid/homage to George Michael’s obscure dance track “Freeek!” (2002) but lacks Michael’s vocal prowess, to Timberlake’s sonic tenor.

Still, if you know what’s good, you can bargain that Justin Timberlake has more up his sleeve than he’s letter on. “Filthy” may just be the appetizer to a full 7-course meal that will be far more satisfying to an appetite now whet with anticipation. “Filthy” is available now on iTunes and remains among the Top Ten Singles.

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