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iTrailer | CYNDI LAUPER in LET THE CANARY SING Documentary

A “First Look” Trailer

The life of one of the most unusually gifted artists of the 80s CYNDI LAUPER is captured in the documentary LET THE CANARY SING set to premiere in June on Paramount+. Here is your “first look”!

Cyndi Lauper

In pop music the 80s can easily be earmarked as the decade that introduced the most profound artists and acts of an era — sadly it’s often dismissed. The era that launched the age of the music video and gave us the dawn of Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Prince to name is few, is also the decade that defined the pop star as an image maker. There was no artist more profoundly eccentric and uniquely gifted to rise above the rest than Cyndi Lauper. Her voice, her songwriter, and her looks may have been so unusual, but marched to her beat and we followed!

In the new documentary Let the Canary Sing exclusively premiering on Paramount+ on June, 4th, the filmmakers pull back the curtain and chronicle the life and times of Lauper, from her humble beginnings to her tour de force impact on music. Directed by Alison Ellwood, the documentary explores the impact of Lauper’s music with the hits that inspired a generation from “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, and “She Bop”, to the ballads “Time After Time” and “True Colors”. Lauper has said, “I knew right away I could trust her to tell my story honestly…and she succeeded at that.”

Her Authentic Self

With PRIDE season coming up, Lauper who has always been a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ equality, Let the Canary Sing will certainly emerge as required watching. With women’s reproductive rights, and so many civil and human rights under attack by a corrupt GOP, a reflection on a champion and ally like Cyndi Lauper is the perfect tonic for inspiring positivity in these trying times. A reminder that time after time, we are never alone and that all our voices united are powerful and should be heard. Let the Canary Sing should be the clarion call of the moment.

Get your #FanzEyeView of the trailer for Let the Canary Sing starring Cyndi Lauper and premiering exclusively on Paramount+ on June 4th here:

LET THE CANARY SING | documentary featuring CYNDI LAUPER | is premiering exclusively on Paramount+ on June 4th.


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