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iTunedIN | CHER - BELIEVE The 25th Anniversary

A Pop Music Feature

Proving the holiday cheer is always keen for reinvention, CHER celebrates the season with CHRISTMAS her first studio album in 5 years is fast on the heels of the 25th Anniversary of the hit dance album BELIEVE remastered and remixed!

Cher in time for the holidays!

You can trust that this season, something is about to land in everyone’s stocking that has been a long time coming. After 50 years of reinventing the way audiences would experience popular culture, the iconic and invincible Cher proves that she is still full of surprises. The legendary performer returned to the studio and has just released her first collection of songs sure to become holiday classics with Christmas featuring 13 recordings, with some very thrilling guest appearances.

Art Art.
Album Art.

Cher’s takes on rollicking pop chart-toppers like “What Christmas Means To Me” featuring Stevie Wonder feel revitalized and energetic, and classic rock ’n’ roll romps including “Run Rudolph Run” are strikingly fresh and brand new with her vocals sounding better than ever. The first single off of Christmas is the poignantly appropriate “DJ Play a Christmas Song” (written by Sarah Hudson) which is a callback to her dance hits of the 90s, which reintroduced the artist to an entire new generation and proved her staying power.

This is even more relevant since this season there is still more of Cher to celebrate…

Do You Believe?

If heralding the holidays with Cher isn’t enough to get you into the spirit of it all, this year marks another milestone for the artist who is re-releasing and remastering her groundbreaking 1998 dance album Believe 25th Anniversary (Deluxe Edition) on Warner Records. The multi-platinum Grammy-winning Believe will be available in a special 2-disc CD set featuring all 10 of the original hit songs, including “Believe”, “Strong Enough”, and “All or Nothing” accompanied by a second bonus disc of her most electrifying remixes of the era compiled for the first time all newly remastered for this release.

The set is also available in a specially packaged 3LP colored vinyl limited edition with an exclusive numbered lithograph. Believe 25th Anniversary (Deluxe Edition) is also available for digital download. Believe ushered a new era for Cher who embraced dance music and elevated the genre with “Believe” becoming an instant club classic just as the world entered into the new millennium. 25 years later, audiences still believe. The track is proving like the artist herself, the test of time.

The various formats available for purchase.
The various formats available for purchase.

Here is your #FanzEyeView of the previously unreleased official video of Cher’s “Walking in Memphis” (Director’s Cut) in HD. #Believe25:

BELIEVE (25th ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION)| by CHER | is available on most Digital Download stores including iTunes, and will be released on July 14, 2023. The album includes the original 10 tracks and 13 remixes, remastered, many available for the first time. Download from iTunes here.

…and just in time to set the tone for the season…

CHRISTMAS | by CHER | her first new studio album in five years is available on most Digital Download stores including iTunes, and features 13 hit tunes sure to become holiday classics. It also has a star-studded list of musical guests including Darlene Love, Stevie Wonder, Michael Bublé, and Tyga. Download from iTunes here.

Album Art.
Album Art.

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