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iTunedIN | DJ DWAYNE MINARD 2024 Redux of the KYLIE MINOGUE Classic “RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW” Is a Hit!

A Pop Music Feature

DJ DWAYNE MINARD takes a pop classic from the Pop Goddess of Love, Kylie Minogue, and raises the bpm’s making it a fresh-feeling dance floor anthem just in time for PRIDE “Right Here, Right Now”!

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue's "Right Here, Right Now" gets Remixed!!

The race for the “Song of the Summer” is on! The circuit music season is in full season and every artist is clamoring to earn the honor. Even though the era of radio is dead, audiences, especially those that find themselves the most dance floor devotees, are always on the search for the song — the track that captures the spirit of summer. This year the playing field is laden with contenders, but sometimes it’s OK to take a step back, back in time! Nostalgia is a key factor, but the joyful resonance of disco and 90s hits is getting some well-warranted attention.

You can’t deny it. Kylie Minogue has had a banner year and is still glowing from it all. The ever-enduring pop/dance artist has dominated the scene since last year’s heart-stopping release “Padam Padam” off of her full-tilt dance album Tension. The diva invigorated post-pandemic club life and entered into her first Las Vegas residency, sparking excitement that a world tour couldn’t be far off the radar. She recently collaborated onstage with Madonna (during a stop along the Queen of Pop’s Celebration Tour) and in the studio with Sia and country artist Orville Peck.

Dwayne Minard
Dwayne Minard

Minogue recently teased her fans by posting on her socials images of her in what looked like her home studio, perhaps working on some new music, or laying down the backing tracks for an upcoming live performance — we’ll all be waiting anxiously. In the meantime, DJ/producer Dwayne Minard took advantage of Kylie’s continuing relevance to revisit a hit from her catalog and has given us the first anthem of the PRIDE season. Minard has seized on “Right Here, Right Now” and given the jaunty track a refresh for 2024.

Keeping in all the bits and bops of the original Stock & Waterman track from Minogue’s 1991 album Let’s Get to It the song retains its optimistic effervescence, but has been brought into the new millennium! The added bass line is exactly what dance floor devotees are looking for and immediately results in relentless hip-shaking! It’s impossible not to imagine, that Kylie herself wouldn’t be inspired to pick up this version and incorporate it into her setlist — it’s a perfectly relentless encore track. Cue the confetti!

Here is your #FanzEyeView of DJ Dwayne Minard’s redux of Kylie Minogue’s “Right Here, Right Now” (2024):

Who is your contender for “Song of the Summer”? I’d like to know! Feel free to share your thoughts.

RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW (2024) | KYLIE MINOGUE | Remixed by DWAYNE MINARD Check out DJ Dwayne Minard here on SoundCloud.

Visit the DJ Dwayne Minard profile at SwishCraft Music.

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