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iTunedIN | MADONNA Releases ANGEL - EP

A Pop Music Feature

The hits keep coming and fans continue to celebrate as one of the Queen of Pop’s earliest singles “ANGEL” finally gets enough love in a remastered remix available now on digital. Get into the groove, now!

Early Madonna

The last four decades of popular music have become much more significant and relevant in the last two years largely in the fact that one artist has dedicated an entire world tour to markedly celebrating with her fans her pop-dominance. Madonna continues to break records and earn her title as the undisputed Queen of Pop proving how influential her catalog of songs continues to have a measurable impact. The oft-considered “untalented” dance act with several chart hits early in her career, dared to challenge the critics and cynics who scoffed at her talent.

Madonna’s debut album, the self-titled Madonna put her on the map and made her a sensation marking the dawn of the video age, but her sophomore effort Like a Virgin, and its title track yielded her first #1 hit. The album was produced by the legendary Nile Rodgers who grafted his flair for marrying R&B, funk, dance, and disco so elegantly that the fusion was unparalleled at showcasing Madonna’s emerging gifts. The album would reach broader success and further put the spotlight on Madonna as a performer.

Nestled between the two most distinguished tracks on the album’s setlist, “Angel” written by Madonna and long-time collaborator Stephen Bray was released as the third single. Otherwise and often overlooked the track did rise to #5 in the US and UK, and bares the distinction of climbing to #1 in Australia, making it Madonna’s first self-penned number one single. Its success may have been buoyed by the inclusion of “Into the Groove” on the single’s B-Side. Regardless, “Angel” does remain one of the artist’s most fan-favorited hits.

Cover Art

Just this week, the long-promised Angel - EP digital single was released mirroring the 12” 1985 release that featured the “Extended Dance Mix” produced by Nile Rodgers, and on the B-Side the original single version of “Into the Groove” from the film Desperately Seeking Susan. The 4-track digital single includes these and two additional versions of “Angel”. The “Radio Edit” (3:43) heard around the world and a 2022 Remaster “Extended Dance Mix Edit” (4:47) in the single setlist suggests that “Angel” might have been a contender to be included in Madonna’s most recent remix greatest hits package.

It’s a testament to its appeal that the Angel - EP since its release this past week has held a position on iTunes's “Top Pop Albums”. Fans are standing on a cloud!

Here is your #FanzEyeView of Madonna’s “Angel” available now as an EP download:

ANGEL - EP | by Madonna | is available now for digital download on most platforms including iTunes here.

Single Art

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