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iTunedIN | MADONNA’S YOU CAN DANCE The Radio Edits

Updated: Nov 27, 2022

Madonna takes us back to the vault and revisits her 80s remix hits with the release of YOU CAN DANCE (Single Edits) for the first time this compilation is released commercially in a specially-priced digital EP.

Presently still relishing in the success of her most recent greatest hits effort, Finally Enough Love which impressively compiled 50 of Madonna's most sought-after remixes spanning her 40+ years as a recording artist, the Queen of Pop gave her audience a few more morsels to chew on. After all, this confession from the dance floor wasn’t necessarily the first time that Madonna collected hit tracks from her catalog and gave them a club scene reworking. Having been an avid nightcrawler herself, she used her club connections first to get her music played in public, Madonna famously shared her demos with DJs and eventually landed her first record deal after a producer heard one of the tracks and was elated by the crowd's reaction.

Madonna’s command of radio-friendly pop, cheeky lyrics, and provocative image made her an immediate stand out among her contemporaries, many of whom regarded her as a one-trick pony, or as some dismissed would eventually run out of gas and prove irrelevant, but she would eventually prove them all wrong. Emerging as one of the most influential artists of her generation, and a chameleon able to adapt to changing trends, while leaps ahead of others experimenting with genres that were often far from the mainstream, Madonna always kept her pulse close to the genre that propelled her to legendary status, and in 1987 released You Can Dance a greatest hits compilation unlike any other which features extended remixes and dub edits made for the clubs.

The tracks on the setlist were also mixed into one another so as to play as a party album of some of her first radio and dance hits which included “Holiday”, “Physical Attraction”, “Everybody”, “Into the Groove” (the first time that hit track appeared on a Madonna album) and included the newly released “Spotlight” from her True Blue recording sessions. Commercially unleashed in 1987, the album was remixed-engineered by Shep Pettibone and John “Jellybean” Benitez, and curated by Madonna herself. Now some 40 years later and in the wake of her most complete examination of her relationship with the remix and collaborations of the like, You Can Dance (Single Edits) presents the Single Edits of the original 7 tracks on the setlist, independently standing uniquely from one another

YOU CAN DANCE (SINGLE EDITS) | Madonna | is available to download on iTunes and additional digital music store outlets. Download from iTunes here.



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