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Morning Coffee :: What the Golden Globes Taught Us...

Last night Hollywood gathered for what many in the industry categories as the "biggest party of the awards season" - the Golden Globes shines the spotlight on excellence in all cinematic media be it film or televised. The evening appeared to honor a throwback to Tinsel Town's glory days as "La La Land" a musical scored the night's biggest awards easily making it the favorite at this year's upcoming Oscars.

The evening was also highlighted by the special honor bestowed upon actress Meryl Streep considered by many the greatest actress of her generation. Streep took to the podium to speak directly to the President-Elect and in the presence of her peers cited the incoming administration's lack of compassion, experience in matters of state and especially in the President-Elect's unpopularity.

The actress expressed many of the feelings America has been feeling since the election upset. The President-Elect wasted no time taking to Twitter to criticize Streep who he called "a second-rate talent" proving how thin skilled and immature he is. And this man is set to take the highest office in just days.

In the words of Carrie Fisher whom Streep quoted: "Take your broken heart and make it into art.”

• Historical Note: "La La Land" won the most awards of any film ever in Globes history!

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