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SUPERMAN Goes Dark in HBOMax Snyder Cut

With the Snyder Cut of Justice League in full-production for its debut on HBOMax next year, its director reveals another clip that reveals one of the film’s stars Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel in the much-talked-about “Black Suit”.

With San Diego Comic Con shut down this season due to the global pandemic, the genre-fest has taken the festivities online with Comic-Con@Home keeping eager fanatics safe and at home while still providing them opportunities to engage with similar-minded individuals across the world wide web! This “new normal” hasn’t entirely replaced the week-long festival that sees growing numbers of enthusiasts descend upon downtown San Diego to party and play, while Hollywood unleashes everything new that’s up and coming!

There have been several exciting revelations to come out of the new online format including the announcement of new animated series set in the worlds of Star Trek and a surprising look at the new upcoming seasons of Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard which has fans thrilled that new content will soon be coming their way. In addition to that news from the Final Frontier, there have been updates on the fate of the big-screen release of The New Mutants film which had been put off from its summer blockbuster, with a special reunion with the cast.

Among one of the more thrilling tidbits was director Zack Snyder continuing to tease anxious fans with more about his upcoming re-release of Justice League The Snyder Cut which will be coming to HBOMax in 2021. Ever since the 2017 theatrical film failed to meet fan expectations (after Warner Bros. handed the movie over to Joss Whedon to complete) audiences have been begging to give Snyder’s original vision the attention it deserves. From the online campaign to the very verbal support of the film’s stars, the originally intended cut will exhibit.

With so much of it has already gone to the lens and needing only several post special effects incorporated into the film to finish it up, Snyder and his executive producer Deborah Snyder went back into the studio, convinced the studio that it could be done even given the limitations of working within the strict guidelines of this global pandemic, and slowly but surely the Justice League will be reunited. This week, Snyder revealed the moment in the film when Henry Cavill’s Superman appears in a much different super suit…

Regenerate Indeed!

To put it into context the “Black Suit” that Superman wears first made its appearance in the comics during the “Reign of the Supermen” storyline. Besides looking all stylish and ominous, the suit actually has an important purpose: it’s a Kryptonian regenerative garment that helps to restore the Man of Steel to full power after his deathly lethal confrontation with the monstrous Doomsday (see Superman #75, Vol. 2, 1993). The black suit also makes its cinematic universe appearance in Snyder’s Man of Steel 2013, in a traumatizing dream sequence.

With Henry Cavill’s Superman getting resurrected by his teammates in Justice League only to come to blows with them as he attempts to regain his earthly ground, it makes sense that this scene would make its way back into the original director’s upcoming retooling of his film. Kal-El leaves the scene of his first meeting with the league in the 2017 theatrical release and goes back to Smallville with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) to recuperate his memories; the audience is left to assume that when he joins the league in their final battle with Steppenwolf, his fully recovered.

The scene cut out from the film which shows Superman in the Black Suit will hopefully give audiences a little more backstory. It had been alluded to in the film’s theatrical tease, and many often imagined that Jeremy Irons’ Alfred was talking to perhaps a certain Emerald Agent; in fact, Alfred comes face-to-face with Superman in his regenerative suit and reveals to Kal-El that the rest of the team has left to confront the enemy. Hopefully, the upcoming Snyder Cut will finally put to rest all the rumors and reveal exactly the meaning behind the moment between the two.

Justice League The Snyder Cut will be coming to HBOMax in 2021.

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