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The future has never looked more grim! But it looks like even as graves give up their dead, there are still some escaping the end of days. Rubén Blades character Daniel returns to fight another day!

In a very unpredictable turn of events, one of the original cast members that launched the spin-off to the AMC Original Series The Walking Dead when the show premiered Fear the Walking Dead the west coast based survivors of the “day after” included a musical legend. Tonight Rubén Blades is discovered to have survived the perils of a burning building and a horde of the undead. Blades character of Daniel Salazar emerged as one of the First Season’s most controversial — the one-time military operative, tortured a soldier to uncover where they had taken his wife.

Daniel often presented solutions that were slightly on the dark side, if it meant the survival of himself and his own daughter (who is also alive and alone out there). In an interesting series of events, Daniel lands himself in the water refinery that is now at the apex of controlling the one commodity in demand: water. Daniel endears himself to the big man in charge of the operation and more is revealed of his days as a professionally trained assassain, trained to perfection by the CIA. Suddenly Daniel becomes more valuable than he could have ever bargained for.

The episode immediately establishes exactly whose side Daniel is on, and when he’s reunited with Victor Strand played by Colman Domingo. It’s unfortunate that these two characters never liked or trusted one another, so it isn’t exactly the happiest reunion. Strand had spent a great deal of his life double crossing everyone, so Daniel has good reason not to trust the con man, but what audiences haven’t learned until tonight’s episode is exactly everything that Daniel Salazar is capable of. Now that he’s allied himself with Dante — he’s made a bargain with the devil.

The climax of this episode is not to be missed, and proves how worthy Fear is as its own stand alone show!

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