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It has all come to this! Jamie Lee Curtis returns for the final cut in the highly anticipated Halloween Ends which promises to meet all fan’s expectations, as the threat of cinema’s greatest screen menace is put to rest!

All good things must come to an end. For Jamie Lee Curtis it may be bittersweet, but also a great relief. The actress has been immortalized in cinematic history as every fan’s leading favorite “final girl” since making her 1978 big screen debut in John Carpenter’s Halloween. Now nearly 25 years later, Laurie Strode will come face-to-face with the horror genre’s most venerable serial killer, as Halloween Ends prepares to hit theaters in October. Finally answering the question, is there a day after…

The actress told People Magazine that although “…endings are a bitch,” it was deeply satisfying putting this final chapter of the sequel trilogy to rest. Curtis wrapped principal photography of Halloween Ends earlier this year in Georgia. The “requel” (a phrase recently coined in the newly adapted Scream film) was revisited in 2018 in director David Gordon Green’s Halloween which returned to the town of Haddonfield and picked up 40 years after the conclusion of Carpenter’s classic slasher film obliterating any and every sequel that ever followed.

It invigorated Curtis's character, Laurie Strode with a new purpose. She had been left living with the trauma of surviving the town’s most harrowed pass, and when Michael Myers is unleashed once again, the masked murderer returns to the scene of his crime to take out more victims on his favorite night of the year! It’s a moment Strode has been preparing for her entire life and ultimately leads to a confrontation as Myers hunts the one victim that got away all those years ago. The follow-up Halloween Kills raised the stakes, and upped the body count, leading to this final chapter…

See the trailer for Halloween Ends here:

Halloween Ends | starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Will Patton | is coming to theaters on October 14, 2022.


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