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A Collectible Unboxing Feature

For six decades the Mighty Avengers have met the challenge of protecting the world and the universe from the greatest threats. In celebration of that feat, Hasbro’s MARVEL LEGENDS releases a line of specialty figures that mark the occasion.

Captain Marvel

Before landing the spotlight as one of a trio of super-powered heroes in Marvel Studios’ The Marvels the character of Monica Rambeua expertly portrayed in the MCU by Teyonah Parris (by ways of the first season of the Original Series WandaVision on Disney+) was introduced in the 1980s Marvel Comics. Although we now all associate Carol Danvers as the one-and-only Captain Marvel, the former Ms. Marvel is the third hero to carry that name — and yes, Monica Rambeau bore it before! Rambeau adopted the moniker from the Kree powerhouse Captain Mar-Vell.

That "Captain Marvel" is an interstellar defender and a spy who infiltrates the planet Earth before determining that he instead must turn against the Kree Supreme Intelligence and fight alongside the Avengers to repel the Kree alien invasion.

Mar-Vell died a hero’s death from cancer, related to his heroics in service of his adopted planet Earth, and is made an honorary Avenger. Several months later, sensing the vacuum (and perhaps concerned about any threat of losing the copyright on the name), harbor patrol agent Monica Rambeau gains formidable light-based superpowers and a dazzling costume to make her debut in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #16 (October 1982). Created by Roger Stern and John Romita, Jr. the heroine would make an impactful impression and is invited to join the team roster in The Avengers #227 (October 1982).

The introduction of the "new" Captain!
The introduction of the "new" Captain!

I can recall the flashy cover graphic and illustration of that issue, which featured the “new” Captain Marvel in the center exhibiting her superpowers. Her simply sleek silver and black uniform caught my eye, especially since a newly minted hero was being initiated to step into the huge shoes of such a legend, but Monica Rambeau immediately paved a significant way for herself. The Avenger would become a major player and is among the group that is hijacked as pawns of the all-mighty Beyonder in the landmark Marvel Super Heroes SECRET WARS 12-issue limited series.

As Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau would distinguish herself as one of the most powerful among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and served several terms as an Avenger in good standing. When Carol Danvers returned to active duty and her power set evolved once again, Rambeau assumed the new codename of Photon, and later again changed it to Pulsar, before settling on recently on Spectrum, leaving Danvers to inherit the name and legacy of Captain Marvel for herself. Although it is significant of note, that Rambeau held the chairmanship of the Avengers as Captain Marvel.

The New Captain Marvel!
The New Captain Marvel!

The name Spectrum most accurately suits to define Rambeau given her abilities, but she will always stand out among the Marvel pantheon of heroes as the first heroine to walk along the path of that legacy and is still considered one of the “100 Best Marvel Characters” of the Modern Age. Monica Rambeau has emerged as a major player and it’s no surprise that the heroine would translate seamlessly into live-action. Her presence in the MCU is beautifully poignant, and will undoubtedly prove crucial in the continuing adventure.


To honor the 60th Anniversary of the Avengers in Marvel Comics, Hasbro has dedicated a line of its 6-inch, multi-articulated MARVEL LEGENDS Action Figures to pay homage to the history, and released a duo package featuring CAPTAIN MARVEL vs. DOCTOR DOOM. Monica Rambeau is perfectly captured in a flatly bright white (not silver) and black ensemble with her original winged sleeves. The figure is statuesque, replicating Rambeau’s own very formidable build (based on her various entries in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe the captain stands at an impressive 5’ 10”) and features interchangeable hands for action-casting playability of her powers.

The Action Figure.

The retro look still stands out as one of the best character designs of the Modern Age of Marvel, and certainly holding the figure in hand only adds to the heroine’s mystique and appeal even some 40 years after her debut.

The figure of the notorious sovereign of Latveria, Doctor Doom is unique in that it is styled in the armor worn by the dictator during the events of the first “Secret Wars” fought on the Beyonder’s Battleworld after having his face restored by the omni-powerful being. The armor is distinct and futuristic-looking (especially for the 80s) and streamlined from his classic cape and cowl. The figure also includes interchangeable hands, as well as an unmasked Victor Von Doom with a separate iron mask, or for a full-on ready-for-battle Doom in his mask.

The Action Figure

Years later, readers were let in on the true intentions behind the creative decision to pit the Marvel Super Heroes in a “Secret War”. Then Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter wanted to feature as many of the imprint’s main players and their adversaries in a storyline that would make for a successful line of toys. Partnering with Mattel a line of action figures and vehicles were released, likely to compete with Kenner's more popular “Super Powers” Collection based on the DC comics pantheon.

The Action Figures Collected.

Hasbro’s CAPTAIN MARVEL vs. DOCTOR DOOM | MARVEL LEGENDS AVENGERS 60th Anniversary Action Figures are available for purchase now on Amazon.

Product Description

Item included within the Hasbro Pulse Outlet. See the promotional terms page for full details here.

Bring the excitement and wonder of the Marvel Universe to your collection with Captain Marvel, Doctor Doom, and other action figures from the Hasbro Marvel Legends Series! (Additional products each sold separately. Subject to availability.) Whisked to another planet by the mysterious Beyonder, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) joins forces with fellow heroes in Secret Wars to stop Doctor Doom from becoming an all-powerful being. This collectible 6-inch-scale Marvel Legends Avengers 60th Anniversary action figure set is detailed to look like Captain Marvel and Doctor Doom characters from Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars comics, featuring premium detail and multiple points of articulation. Figures come with 6 accessories, including alternate hands for each figure, alternate unmasked Doctor Doom head, and Doctor Doom mask.

Includes: 2 figures and 6 accessories

  • CAPTAIN MARVEL VS. DOCTOR DOOM: Whisked to another planet by the mysterious Beyonder, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau) joins forces with fellow heroes in Secret Wars to stop Doctor Doom from becoming an all-powerful being

  • AVENGERS 60TH ANNIVERSARY: These Captain Marvel and Doctor Doom action figures are inspired by the character's appearance in Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars comics and make a great addition to any collection of Marvel Legends action figures 

  • COMIC-INSPIRED ACCESSORIES: This collectible Hasbro Marvel Legends action figure set comes with 6 accessories, including alternate hands and an unmasked Doctor Doom head

  • PREMIUM DESIGN AND ARTICULATION: Marvel fans and collectors can display these fully articulated 6-inch scale action figures, each featuring a poseable head, arms, and legs, as well as premium deco, in their collection 

  • BUILD A MULTIVERSE OF COLLECTIBLES: Look for more entertainment-inspired Marvel Legends action figures to build your own Marvel Multiverse of 6-inch action figures (Each sold separately. Subject to availability) 

Ages 4 and up

⚠️ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

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