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Unboxing :: Eaglemoss STAR TREK STARSHIPS Special Editions

The collectable line of starship models unveiled some very special new editions that include never before realized “hero” ships and an entire new collection starring the vessels featured on the just premiered hit original series Star Trek Discovery.

Eaglemoss Collections has expanded on its series of collectible models to meet the demand and expectations of its dynamically enthusiastic fanbase. The expansive final frontier of their signature line of Star Trek Starships Collection now includes “oversized” versions of the famous ships named Enterprise including Kirk’s Constitution-class from The Original Series stunningly depicted in rich die-cast detail and measuring a little over 8”.

The most recent addition to the “oversized” line includes Archer’s NX-01 which is now available for pre-order, and joins the Galaxy-class and Sovereign-class ships. Though the Enterprise is without a doubt the most famous of all the starships in the Federation’s Starfleet, the flagship isn’t the only vessel to have served with widely popular distinction. Throughout Trek history there have been many ships of the line that have stood out, or are still blazing a legacy for themselves.

Special Editions Indeed

Recently unveiled at New York City Comic-Con the Eaglemoss design team wasted no time in bringing to the forefront several key, new ships into the collection, some for the first time manifesting into physical representations of themselves — especially after winning fandom imagination over with their thrilling adventures within the pages of some of Pocket Books most memorable Star Trek novels.

Among the first ships to attract attention was the much anticipated release of the USS Titan. Captain Will Riker’s first command is mentioned (but not seen) in the last film to feature TNG crew Star Trek Nemesis. It was then made famous in the series of novels that continued the mission to broker peace between the Federation and the fractured Romulan Star Empire. The Luna-class USS Titan ship registry NCC-80102 was distinct in origin since it was designed by a fan.

It was one of the first times that the Star Trek brand extended to its audience an opportunity to become part of its history by creating the next “hero” ship to lead the Federation into the farther reaches of space. The honor went to Sean P. Tourangeau who was selected among hundreds of candidates with his exceptional design of the exploratory vessel that featured the Enterprise’s one-time first officer and his own intrepid crew.

The Luna-class ship was intended to serve multiple functions and featured a modular design which included a structural pod was placed just aft of the saucer section and above the ship’s bridge, and served as the ship’s main science and observation area. Once fully outfitted the USS Titan was dispatched on its first mission to Romulas. Ironically it mirrored the design aesthetic of the Sovereign-class and the Intrepid-class.

The Eaglemoss Collections model is beautifully detailed and captures the relevancy of the Titan which is now so well established that it is even featured within the recently released Fourth-Edition of the Star Trek Encyclopedia. Fans of the novels which continued the exploits of Capt. Riker and Counselor Troi who serves alongside her husband onboard the Titan will no doubt appreciate the effort taken to realize this ship design for the collection.

Going Even Deeper

Following the tradition in excellence of the novelizations which have extended the continuity of Star Trek adventures especially expanding on the timeline established for The Next Generation and the rest of their fellow 24th-century inhabits, another crew that has emerged with great distinction is that of the spin-off series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Though settled on an outpost at the edge of the final frontier, once the show went off-air its cast of characters widened their horizons.

Though the Dominion War played out as a major arc during the remaining final seasons of DS9 there were several repercussive storylines that emerged from that epic confrontation. One particular story threat lead to the introduction of the USS Aventine which would be commanded by Ezri Dax, a character featured prominently in the final season of the show. The majestically styled Vesta-class ship with the registry of NCC-82602 became an instant fan favorite.

The model was introduced at New York City Comic-Con as a “convention-premiered” Special Edition which convention goers scooped up, but has recently resurfaced on the Eaglemoss shop website and is available now. The accompanying magazine delves deep in the creation of this ship which rivals that of the Sovereign-class ship in scope, though it is unique in that it is among the first Starfleet vessels to feature the experimental Quantum Slipstream Drive.

The USS Aventine is now the second recent “Special Edition” release in the Eaglemoss line, joining the Titan, to introduce a ship from the novels as a physical model! Another vessel that was made into a model was the larger-size Special Edition release of the SS Enterprise (Refit) which had been intended to appear had the series ran a longer course.

A New Discovery

The latest original series Star Trek Discovery has also yielded its own particular line of collectible ship models from Eaglemoss that are now available for pre-order to ship in January. Many eager fans were treated to the prototype at NYCC of the series premiere “hero” ships the USS Shenzhou and the USS Discovery itself. These models will be slightly larger than the usual starship models in the line with the Discovery coming in at nearly 10 inches long.

Visit the Eaglemoss Shop website to reserve your Special Editions now.

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