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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery ISS CHARON | Special Issue

The ultimate weapon of mass destruction now in the palm of every collector’s hands! Eaglemoss adds one of the most impressive ship models created for the first season of Star Trek Discovery to life with the Special Issue of the ISS CHARON.

Trapped in an alternate mirror reality as part of a scheme coordinated by Captain Gabriel Lorca, the Federation exploratory vessel USS Discovery finds itself in the crosshairs of that universe’s Terran Empire and its Emperor, the mirror universe’s Philippa Georgiou. In order to spread her reign of tyranny throughout the known galaxy, the emperor rules with an iron fist from her flagship the ISS Charon a city ship with extraordinary firepower and a sun-like super-mycelial reactor at its core.

The ship which measures 9.6 km in length dwarfed any ship in the quadrant and had the capability to destroy a planet, while serving as both the emperor’s own roving staging platform and a prison from where she tortured her enemies to her heart’s content. In 2256, the crew of the “prime” universe’s USS Discovery found themselves the pawns of a plan lead by the mirror universe’s Lorca. Determined to overthrow the Terran Empire and seat himself as its new emperor. The duplicitous Lorca tricked everyone including Michael Burnhum of his true intentions.

The model comes with a magazine that gives specifics on the ship design and its evolution.

Before long, the “mirror” Lorca was able to recruit his followers and lead a coup aboard the ISS Charon which proved futile. Once he was apprehended by Burnhum, Emperor Georgiou murdered the treacherous mutineer along with his crew and dropped into the mycelial reactor that powered the ISS Charon. The crew of the USS Discovery determined to return to their prime universe, used the untethered power of the small sun to plot their course back home, and destroyed the ISS Charon in the event, effectively compromising the Terran Empire’s rule.

Ship of the Line

Part of the Eaglemoss Collection of Star Trek: Discover: The Official Starships Collection the ISS Charon is spectacularly presented and will make a wonderful addition to any true fan’s collection. Coming in at an impressive 13-inches, this model is made of a mix of die-cast and quality ABS materials, with a light feature that replicates the fiery mini-sun at its core that powers the ship. The surface detail of the model is intricate and captures the fierceness of the vessel’s design, which is meant to strike fear.

The model is able to perch solidly on its display stand and appears poised to descend on its target ready to reign terror on an unsuspecting enemy. Collectors will be very pleased with the dimensions of the ship; slightly larger (though not to scale) as compared to the other ships in the line, it is still worth noting that is among one of the largest models in the official collection. The magazine included gives insight to the concept behind the ship’s design by John Eaves, who theorized that the vessel combined the technology of countless races serving the Empire.

ISS Charon | Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection Special Issue | Eaglemoss Collections | $79.95 available from Eaglemoss Collections here.

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