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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery KLINGON DASPU’ CLASSS| Starship Collection

The latest issue released in the model collection of starships realizing the vessels from the latest Star Trek series is a menacing design of the KLINGON DASPU’ CLASS from the arsenal of the Federation’s adversary early in the 23rd Century.

Don’t be fooled. It may not look as threatening as a bird of prey, the Klingon Daspu’ Class is still a formidably frightening ship design and is featured prominently in the early First Season of the CBS All Access Original Series Star Trek: Discovery. With the silhouette of a projectile missile, the vessel which was part of the Klingon armada that took part at “The Battle of the Binary Stars” the ship measures impressively at a length of over 525 meters. The Daspu’ Class would certainly serve the fleet as an aircraft or personnel carrier.

Its cylindrical design is untraditional to what has been more familiarly associated with the Klingons, but as it has become evident in the early part of the 23rd Century as the Federation entered into its engagement with the empire, many of the ships in the Klingon fleet were extremely ornate and almost religiously ceremonial in their designs — although no less formidably threatening in battle. The entire forward section of the Daspu’ Class is apparently appropriated to house a super cannon, around a single-engine fuselage.

No doubt under the most critical conditions, the Daspu’ Class could be deployed as a weapon of mass destruction and hurled toward the surface of a planet or star-base to cause the most collateral damage. A fleet of Klingon ships, which included Daspu’ Class vessels in its arsenal were among the campaign dispatched to attack the Federation homeworld of Earth. If not for the quick thinking of the crew of the USS Discovery in the last minutes of negotiations with the emerging new leadership in the Klingon Empire, the result might have been catastrophic.

Ship of the Line

Among the most exotic designs in the series of Eaglemoss Collections line of ships for the Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection every ship modeled on the Klingon fleet is more brilliant than the last. The Klingon Daspu’ Class model continues in the same tradition. Measuring at an impressive 8 inches, the model depicts the cathedral-like inspiration that is common among Klingon vessels in the early 23rd Century universe of Star Trek: Discovery. The Daspu’ Class was developed by Sam Michlap and John “JD” Dickenson.

It was among the premiere sculpts presented to the showrunners when the series was in initially in development. At first, it was considered a front runner for T’Kuvma’s sarcophagus flagship. The fact that it appears so “alien” from anything audiences had seen before is representative of the Klingon ships that eventually become as familiar as their Federation counterparts, is very much an intentional part of the mythology. Before reunification under a single banner, the warring tribes are scattered throughout the sector and each has a very particular look to their armada.

Check out the model of the Klingon Daspu’ Class here:

Klingon Daspu’ Class | Star Trek Discovery: The Official Starships Collection | Issue 24 | Eaglemoss Collections | $54.95 available from Eaglemoss Collections here.

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