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UnBoxing | Star Trek: Discovery SECTION 31 Starship Armada

The Federation’s clandestine shadow agency Section 31 has had a storied history in the Star Trek mythology and plays a significant role in the Second Season of Star Trek Discovery when it becomes an unwitting conspirator in the plans of a sinister AI.

Eaglemoss Collections introduces into its line of starship models the first two reproductions of vessels in the Section 31 fleet that are pit against the crew of the USS Discovery and the USS Enterprise in a final conflict to save the universe.

Its mission has always been to seek out new life and new civilizations, but even the Federation has to rely on extreme measures, outside of diplomacy, in order to keep the peace throughout the galaxy. That’s where Section 31 comes in. The “black ops” arm of Starfleet works on the fridges and deals with the grey areas, the often undesirable extremes and methods few want to admit are sometimes necessary evils in maintaining and achieving peace.

When Section 31 is infiltrated by an insidious artificial intelligence calling itself Control, it uses its own ships, weapons, and technology against Starfleet in an effort to eradicate all biological life. If not for the efforts of the crews of the USS Discovery and the USS Enterprise, Control might have succeeded in its plans. Among the ships, it subverts into its armada is the Stealth Ship, designated NCIA-93 and commanded by Captain Leland, and Control is able to remotely launch a blitzkrieg against Starfleet using thousands of Section 31 Drones.

Continuing to elaborate on its high-end line of collectible models and fan-favorite items, Eaglemoss Collections has carefully recreated for both of these ships for the Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection giving fans an opportunity to check out the newest designs depicted for the 23rd Century of Star Trek. Diehard trekkers are always happy for more, and with the success of the Star Trek: Discovery on the subscriber-based CBS All Access, it recently launched a new Original Series Star Trek: Picard.

Ships of the Line

Imagine having to design a Starfleet ship that instead of openly represents harmony and peace, lurks in the depths of the shadows of darkest space. For concept artist Ryan Dening, giving a distinct identity to the undercover operations of Section 31, took shape in the form of the Stealth Ship which appeared early on the Second Season of Star Trek: Discovery. Fans of the mythology were already fully versed in the shady activity attached to Section 31. The powerful dreadnought the USS Vengeance which appeared in Star Trek Into Darkness established a look.

Taking his initiative from the “very familiar” design of that ship, Dening pursued a sleeker and more aggressive design when approaching the smaller Stealth Ship. The mandate was obvious: since Section 31 operates outside of the Federation’s charter of peaceful space exploration, it didn’t have to look like the typical Starfleet vessel. Examining the model, which measures approximately 8 inches in length, with its reflective black hull which allows it to blend in with the darkness of space, the Stealth Ship appears dangerously predatory — like a bat.

The overall angular design and its ability to fold its nacelles to reshape its configuration, add to the ship’s ominous appearance. A favorite feature of the model is the attention diving to the detail of the decisively different nacelles; long and sleek fans will appreciate the “dominant” look. Dening was inspired by contemporary stealth fighters, which are all as he describes “quite smooth” along the surface. Dening also applied a similar idea to the Section 31 Drone which is a remotely controlled, single-pilot fighter.

Check out the turnaround model of the Section 31 Stealth Ship here:

Section 31 STEALTH SHIP | Star Trek Discovery: The Official Starships Collection | Issue 22 | Eaglemoss Collections | $54.95 available from Eaglemoss Collections here.

Section 31 DRONE | Star Trek Discovery: The Official Starships Collection | Issue 25 | Eaglemoss Collections | $54.95 available from Eaglemoss Collections here.

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