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UnBoxing | Star Trek Starship KOBAYASHI MARU from Eaglemoss Collections “Special Issue”

Eaglemoss Collections latest “Special Issue” release is a tribute to one of Star Trek’s most storied vessels, though its legend far outweighed its on-screen time!

In the annals of Star Trek legend there is no ship more well known outside of the USS Enterprise than the USS Kobayashi Maru. The ship a Starfleet cargo freighter is at the center one fo the most difficult challenging exams at Starfleet Academy. It’s a test given to all aspiring cadets on the leadership track, and meant to gauge their ability to make a life and death decision, ultimately a no-win scenario. Captain Kirk is famously known as the only Starfleet cadet ever to beat the test, though he rigged the program in his favor.

Reminiscent of the Oberth-class science vessel that was also in service during the 23rd Century, the ship first gleaned on screen in director J.J. Abrams reimagining of Star Trek (2009) is only partly visible during the scene where Kirk is actually partaking of the test in the alternate Kelvin-timeline. The USS Kobayashi Maru ECS-1022 is under attack by three Klingon Battle Cruisers and if Kirk doesn’t act immediately the freighter will be lost with all hands aboard. The test is meant to test the mettle of its potential candidates, who must make tough decisions in the captain’s seat.

Eaglemoss Collections has just memorialized the USS Kobayashi Maru ECS-1022 in a “Special Issue” release as part its high-end line of die-cast and plastic models in the Star Trek Official Starships Collection. It follows the larger-size replica of the Klingon Battle Cruiser (which was also profiled on our site). The model itself is highly detailed (as illustrated in the photos below) and measures an impressive 7 inches in length and is in the style of ships that appeared in the 2009 film. The basic shape was inspired by a design by John Eaves and elaborated on by Ryan Church.

Though the ship was mentioned in the opening moments of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan it didn’t appear on screen and was canonized many times over in novels and subsequent episodes of the Star Trek television series. The Eaglemoss Collections model is the first realized representation of the ship in a hero form; the accompanying magazine celebrates the ship’s unique history and it’s evolution in design. An additional chapter focuses on the visual effects used in the 2009 reboot, including recreating the virtual test of the rescue of the Kobayashi Maru.

With Star Trek: Discovery returning for a second season early in 2019, perhaps the new series will further elaborate on the fate of this ship, and how it became a standard by which cadets are measured in Starfleet. The model is available through the Eaglemoss Collections and is ready to ship so long as supplies last.

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