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UnBoxing | The Fleet from the KELVIN Timeline from the STAR TREK Starships Collection

Exclusive to the online store, Eaglemoss and HERO Collector expand on the Starship Collection fleet of models bringing vessels from the Kelvin Timeline introduced in 2009s Star Trek movie to life!

In 2009, The Final Frontier got a reboot! Filmmaker J. J. Abrams and his crack team of creatives had been tasked with taking a fresh perspective on the still viable Star Trek franchise, and rather than upset the apple cart of established canon, they decided instead to throw a wrench into the mechanics of it all and divert the timeline. In 2009s Star Trek the Trek Universe got shaken and stirred and the divergent events introduced became known as the “Kelvin Timeline” named for the vessel that intercepted a renegade Romulan warship from the future…

The rest as they like to say, is history.

An alternate history actually, that in the 23rd Century yielded a Starship Enterprise over twice the size of its “Prime” timeline counterpart, and Starfleet’s mission was redefined. As the first of a new line of multi-purpose vessels built for interstellar exploration as well as fortified for warfare, the Enterprise represented the cutting-edge in Federation technology and stands apart from its predecessors, with a crew not entirely battle-tested for the rigors of what awaits them on the edge of the cosmos. More immediately, the threat that has just penetrated the fabric of time.

When a distress call is sent out from Vulcan, a prominent Federation member-world and the home world of the Enterprise Science Officer, Mr. Spock, that is being attacked by an enormous unidentified alien ship. Starfleet dispatches a rescue fleet of ships, as the Enterprise prepares to launch on a mercy mission that will not end well.

Among the vessels in the rescue fleet are numerous ship similar to the Constitution-class Enterprise though not aptly as elegant or stylish in design. The far more utilitarian ships are more inline with the USS Kelvin (a late 22nd Century science vessel) that is the next evolution of the NX-ships engineered by Captain Johnathon Archer and his inaugural Warp-5 Enterprise launched nearly a century before. These ships bridge the divide between the generations and provide a glimpse into the Federation’s evolutionary wagon train to the stars.

Ship of the Line

Excelling at bringing to collectors the finest replicas of ships from the Star Trek Universe, Eaglemoss Collections and Hero Collector expand on the series a trio of Online Exclusives available only on the site and featuring designs based on the ships that warped away from Earth’s Starbase 1 to answer the call for help. Collectors can now add the USS Armstrong NCC-1769, the USS Newton NCC-1727 and the USS Mayflower NCC-1621 to their arsenal expanding the reach of STAR TREK The Official Starships Collection to all-new dimensions.

Each one of the die-cast, resin model replicas expertly recaptures the detail of each one of these ships and is meticulously crafted and measure about 5” inches in length. The USS Armstrong NCC-1769 is perhaps the most familiar looking in that the ship resembles the USS Reliant first seen in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, with the caveat that the vessel is equipped with an additional warp nacelle that was attached at the center underneath the main saucer. The ship was also fashioned with a rollover bar that included weapon systems and sensor arrays.

Very similar in its profile is the USS Mayflower NCC-1621 which featured a larger saucer module and more aptly sported the traditional two-warp nacelle design, each one below the main disc by support struts, giving the ship a streamlined aesthetic and the appearance of a multi-purpose starship suitable for exploration and defense. The USS Mayflower is among one of the first ships to arrive at Vulcan and is destroyed by the far larger Romulan ship, Narada. The USS Enterprise has to skillfully navigate the debris field and dodge the remnants of the embattled Mayflower.

The final ship in the trinity of ships materializing from the Kelvin Timeline in onto the shelves of collectors everywhere is the USS Newton NCC-1727 the largest in true-life dimensions and distinct in that it had a semi-circle saucer section, and featured two engineering hulls that hung below decks and two nacelles positioned above on struts that connected to the main body and supported by a rollover bar that featured enhanced targeting systems. The Newton itself was a formidable looking ship with a sturdy and most intimidating appearance, it easily served as a platform from which aggressive tactile action can be taken.

Expanding the Final Frontier

Eaglemoss Collections had recently announced the end of their standard line of models in the Starships Collection but have continued to expand on the series with these “online shop exclusives” available on their website which have included an interesting array of offerings like the recently released USS Valiant NCC-6089 (variant concept ship) which was the predecessor of Deep Space Nine’s hero ship the Defiant — a tough little ship! In addition to the standard line, the Star Trek Online Starship Collection will also wrap up its line with the 20th issue.

Stay tuned for more coverage of Eaglemoss Collections | Hero Collector latest releases!

USS ARMSTRONG NCC-1769 | USS NEWTON NCC-1727 | USS MAYFLOWER NCC-1621 | Special Issue Online Exclusives in the STAR TREK Official Starships Collection | Eaglemoss Collections | $29.99 each | are available from Eaglemoss Collections / Hero Collector.

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