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UnBoxing | USS VOYAGER NCC-74656-J | STAR TREK Universe Starships Collection

In the 32nd Century, the USS Discovery is instrumental in restoring warp drive to the universe, and among the ships, in Starfleet that are still in commission, the USS VOYAGER NCC-74656-J endures to continue in its mission to seek out new life and civilizations.

Lost in space — the legacy of the Intrepid-Class vessel led by Captain Kathryn Janeway pioneered a new era of space travel when the exploratory ship was lost on its maiden ship only to turn up several years later. Some 7 years after its disappearance the USS Voyager NCC-74656 returned to Earth and bridged the distances between the Alpha and the uncharted Delta Quadrants of space, having partaken in innumerable first contacts with all-new alien species and confronted the Federation’s most dangerous adversary, The Borg.

The ship and its crew earned a place in Starfleet that hadn’t been paralleled since the famous 5-year mission of the USS Enterprise under the command of James T. Kirk.

In the third season of Star Trek: Discovery in order to prevent a merciless AI from taking over the free will of every known sentient species, the ship entered a wormhole and emerged 930 years from its point of origin to confront a mystery of unfathomable proportions. In the 32nd Century, the Federation has been largely decimated by a natural disaster that renders warp travel inoperable. Due to its unique spore drive, the USS Discovery is able to traverse the spaceways and leads the effort to restore Starfleet, and reunite the Federation.

Among the few remaining ships in the fleet is the USS VOYAGER NCC-74656-J. The 32nd Century equivalent of the Intrepid-Class is the eleventh ship to bear the name, its design is a futuristic homage to the original, geometrically streamlined, and measuring at a length of 452.95 meters, she’s only 100 meters larger than the 24th Century ship. Like similar 32nd Century starships, the USS Voyager is fitted with programmable matter that increases its versatility and was comprised of four parts: a primary and secondary hull, and two nacelles, all of which were detached from one another.

The detached technology allowed for more maneuverability and better efficiency, especially in a future where dilithium is scarce and with varying degrees of warp fields, the detached components were instrumental in minimizing the physical strain on the vessel overall. This would also prove far more environmentally beneficial when moving in normal space.

Ship of the Line

The highly detailed model of the USS VOYAGER NCC-74656-J is sculpted from die-cast and plastic parts and is approximately 8.5 inches in length and is perfectly weighted when it sits on its display stand. The model incorporates transparent parts to recreate the detached look of its television counterpart. The ship was designed by Star Trek: Discovery concept artist Ryan Dening who was tasked with breaking all the rules when it came to conceptual designs for the ships the crew would encounter in the 32nd Century, but Dening felt a responsibility to capture the spirit of the original.

Dening took the opportunity to improve on what he felt were aspects of the original ship design that had often bothered him. He started by simplifying the surface details of the ship (to correspond with the 32nd Century technological advancement) and balancing out the nacelles, giving them a more natural length. Flattening out the secondary hull, and positioning the shuttle bay on the bottom also enhanced the geometric design that pushed the Voyager into its tenth generation incarnation as the appropriately registered NCC-74656-J.

No doubt, the USS Voyager NCC-74656-J, the thirteenth issue in the Eaglemoss/Hero Collector line of starship models in the Star Trek Universe Official Starships Collection will likely become a favorite of fans who are eager to collect the hero ships that represent the expanding legacy of the Star Trek universe. With any luck, the vessel itself will feature prominently in Star Trek: Discovery next season.

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USS VOYAGER NCC-74656-J | STAR TREK UNIVERSE The Official Starships Collection | Eaglemoss Collections | $54.99 each | is available from Eaglemoss Collections / Hero Collector.


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