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UnBoxing | WONDER WOMAN 1984 GOLDEN ARMOR Action Figure

This striking recreation of the Amazing Amazon in her Golden Armor is wingspan beyond any expectations. From McFarlane Toys this may be the ideal gift for fans looking forward to the opening of multiplexes and seeing Wonder Woman 1984 on the big screen.

So the pandemic has shut down movie theaters and multiplexes across the country, effectively bringing the summer blockbuster season to a halt and with one of this year’s most highly anticipated sequels in limbo, Wonder Woman 1984 fans are awaiting to the return of Gal Gadot as the Amazing Amazon. The film’s trailer was released earlier this year, shortly before the world went into lockdown over growing concerns of the global pandemic sweeping the country, but the appetite for WW84 has continued to increase.

While we wait for Wonder Woman to return to the big screen, in the meantime retailers have been unable to get movie-related memorabilia into the hands of collectors, although some items have effectively been kept under wraps — like the look of the film’s villain — it’s been impossible to resist averting her gaze from the newest look Diana will be sporting to take on her adversaries! Thanks to McFarlane Toys which recently appropriated the copyright for producing ull-line action figures based on the DC Multiverse of characters Wonder Woman 1984 merch is out!

Among the more exciting looks, our heroine will be fashioned in for the sequel is Wonder Woman 1984 Golden Armor the power suit and bladed wings have been captured beautifully in this action figure which stands impressively at about 8.5 inches in height and is heavily articulated with 22 points of movement, including the wings which retract and fold. The action figure is well detailed and the Golden Armor can be appreciated from all angles; the brush gold-plated paint job is great and even carries to conceal through the joints and pivot points.

Golden Warrior

The basis of the Golden Armor in context to its comics origins is part of the best-selling Kingdom Come alternate universe storyline where Diana uses the magical suit of armor in combat. How it will play a part in the narrative determined for the film has yet to be revealed, but considering that Diana will be taking on one of her most primal enemies, The Cheetah (portrayed by Kristen Wiig) audiences are anticipating that Wonder Woman will take to the skies! In any event, it’ll be a sight to be seen for sure.

To reiterate, the figure is well sculpted, the armor’s details are pretty stunning, and for the price point it’s a beautiful collectible, but it’s lacking in accessories. Aside from the detachable wings (that snap into the back of the figure) the figure doesn’t come packed with weapons, not even Diana’s magic lasso. The figure can be posed standing or in-flight on the included stand, and also features a collectible card with background info. The cards are included as part of all of McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse action figures.

If you’re as excited as I am by the release of Wonder Woman 1984 then you really will enjoy adding this to your collection.

DC Multiverse WONDER WOMAN 1984 Golden Armor | McFarlane Toys | $19.99 available now from all major online retailers.

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