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Cover-to-Cover • Empire Magazine’s WONDER WOMAN Exclusive!

With a world on the brink of chaos EMPIRE Magazine gives us hope with a “World Exclusive” look at WONDER WOMAN! Inside her 75-year quest to reach the big screen.

Perhaps the recent big screen blockbusters released from Warner Bros. may have not have performed as well as the studio may have liked. The introduction of a unified cinematic universe in the same vein as what Marvel Studios has constructed was solidified with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and continued with Suicide Squad but when Justice League hits theaters this fall the hope is movie goers will finally get the team-up that they’ve all been waiting for. With the exception of televised adventures appearing on The CW, the DC Comics heroes haven’t had the best track record.

That may all change soon! One of the summer’s most anticipated films has been in the making for almost as long as the myth that its based on. Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot is expected to lead the charge and save the DC Cinematic Expanded Universe from a fate worse then box office failure — irrelevance! Empire Magazine (April issue) is getting the lead on the film’s story and [reportedly] an early screening of the close-to-finished “first cut” played well with audiences; not surprisingly given that Gadot’s Amazing Amazon was the saving grace of the largely lambasted BvS.

“Better late than never!” Gadot commented in the Empire Magazine cover story, “I’m just grateful it took so long, because I got the opportunity to play her.” In the article written by Helen O’Hara, the 75-year history of the character is explored leading up to her upcoming big screen solo film. Gadot, who had been originally tapped to appear in a role in director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel as the antagonist General Zod’s right-hand, was unavailable for that project when she became pregnant. The actress was one of five actress then called in when Snyder and his wife, producing partner Deborah Snyder were determined to include Wonder Woman in BvS.

She may have felt she was still auditioning for the role even while putting the final touches on BvS, but the studio and filmmakers all agreed Gal Gadot embodied the qualities they were looking for to bring Wonder Woman to life. As the prepared to wrap on BvS and the studio was clearly laying the foundation for its unified theatrical narrative, Gadot was confirmed to star in her own solo film! Directed by Patty Jenkins, the director stepped into the role after the original was dropped over “creative differences”. Jenkins, who directed Monster, had herself pitched a Wonder Woman project to the studio before picking up the reigns on June’s blockbuster.

Read the full article in the April Issue of Empire Magazine available on stands now and digital download.

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