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AMC’s FEAR THE WALKING DEAD The Complete Third Season

Before the upheaval of the new season, the AMC Original Series really picked up its stride in the Third Season available now on Blu-ray.

For Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) the zombie apocalypse changed everything. The high school guidance counselor’s life in Los Angeles suddenly became a matter of survival when an inexplicable something took over the population, and the dead suddenly walked among us in the spin-off series to The Walking Dead. First they had to flee the suburbs, brave the perilous waters of the West Coast before finding a type of civilization across the border, but that didn’t last forever.

In Fear the Walking Dead The Complete Third Season now on Blu-ray, the fight escalates.

Her family has been pulled apart but Madison finds a settlement and makes a bargain with Jeremiah Otto (Dayton Callie) an interesting figure and a survivalist who has pulled together a community, all to serve his own purposes. As the truth about their new home starts to come to light, Madison must make the hard decisions, especially when her own son Nick (Frank Dillane) emerges, and he’s not alone. So begins a battle for territory as they protect every bit of land that they can, even as more of the dead continue their death march across borders.

In the end it’s a whole new world for Madison and the discovery of a dam presents a startling possibility as the stakes rise when factions strike to control the life-giving water behind its fragile walls. Co-starring Colman Domingo Fear the Walking Dead The Complete Third Season changed the game.

The spin-off established its own identity and diverged along a very unique trajectory, even as the upcoming season prepares to converge with its sister series, and introduce one of its most popular characters into the mix in Season Four.

Before the fear enters all-new territory, get caught up with all the Third Season episodes available on this 4-disc Blu-ray set with Deleted and Extended Scenes and Audio Commentary from the cast and crew.

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