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Cover2Cover | EW features The Return of WONDER WOMAN

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

DC’s got a lot riding on its blockbuster WONDER WOMAN 1984 and on this month’s issue of Entertainment Weekly the film’s star GAL GADOT is golden and ready to spread her wings and win big at the box office!

It would appear that for the Amazing Amazon’s big-screen return to the multiplex this summer Gal Gadot will be taking the heroine back to the future, or at least going retro. Wonder Woman 1984 is the fourth time that Gadot is suiting up as the DC comic book icon, proving that the studio holding the reigns on the properties (Warner Bros.) can do something right. Start with lassoing Patty Jenkins the director that inherited the solo film franchise and delivered a world-wide hit in 2017 that proved a woman could fly!

With the sequel greenlit practically a week after the first week’s numbers started coming, Jenkins and Gadot were determined to raise the stakes, but also stay very true to the 80 years of established canon that has solidified Wonder Woman’s place as one of the publishing imprint’s central trinity of viable headliners. The Batman with Robert Pattinson assuming the role from Ben Affleck is already in production, and the Man of Steel is still recovering from the kryptonite forced on audiences in Justice League, Wonder Woman is proving golden — literally.

This month Entertainment Weekly has put Gal Gadot and Wonder Woman 1984 on the cover and the iconic golden eagle armor that was first introduced as part of Diana’s arsenal in 1996 in Elseworlds; Kingdom Come. The winged armor has only presented itself in her darkest hours, and with not one but two adversaries, Kristen Wiig as Barbara Minerva (The Cheetah) and Pedro Pascal as the megalomaniac Maxwell Lord lurking in the shadows, the Reagan-era proxy of “Me! Me! Me!” is going to prove a test for the princess of Paradise Island.

Cover Story

The on-set interviews reveal the excitement of the cast and crew to bring Wonder Woman 1984 to life and hopefully revel in another historic blockbuster moment, especially with Chris Pine returning as Diana’s love interest, Steve Trevor — you’ll remember, he stole her heart and sacrificed himself preventing a terrible Nazi scourge from engulfing the world. So how is Trevor back from the past? Fans will have to stay tuned! Wonder Woman 1984 is going to hit theaters in June and restore the hope and faith that audiences are putting in Warner Bros.

Entertainment Weekly March 2020 featuring Gal Gadot as WONDER WOMAN on newsstands now!

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