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Here He Comes! First Look at SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING Movie Posters

The blockbuster movie season is in full-effect and the just released SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING movie posters premiere a nostalgic look at the web-slinger now incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Most of us have heading into the multiplex this month as the official start of the blockbuster movie season has taken over, first with the opening of Marvel Films Guardians of the Universe Vol. 2 and most recently with WB Wonder Woman which is heralding the beginning of that studio’s dedicated DC Comics extended cinematic universe. After last year’s hit Captain America: Civil War took audiences by storm, the most exciting take-away was that film’s introduction of the amazing Spider-Man into the connected universe!

We’re now getting our first look at what the new film is going to look like, a partnership between Marvel Films and Sony Pictures, which has long held proprietary ownership over the Web-Slinger’s movie brand. The film starring Tom Holland, reprising his role as Peter Parker/Spider-Man, first introduced in Captain America: Civil War will also be joined by Robert Downey, Jr. as the mysterious benefactor behind the wall-crawler, Tony Stark aka Iron Man.

The film will (re)induct Michael Keaton into the genre that he helped launch into the mainstream when the actor starred in 1989s hit Batman as the villainous Vulture — it’ll be the first appearance of the winged antagonist in a motion picture, though he was potential considered as an additional adversary to have appeared in 2007s Spider-Man 3. Check out the new posters below and lining the walls of theaters all across the country in anticipation of Spidey’s return on July 7.

See the trailer here:

Spider-Man Homecoming directed by Jon Watts and starring Tom Holland, Michael Keaton and Zendaya opens on July 7 and is distributed by Sony/Columbia Pictures and Marvel Studios.

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