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ICYMI | The CW Primetime Set to Return

After the brief hiatus, The CW primetime line-up is suiting up for a return with new episodes of its fan-favorite shows including The Flash, Riverdale and the freshman hit Batwoman.

Here they come to save the day! The CW’s primetime heroes are set to return to form after a brief interruption!

Don’t lose faith true-believer! After taking a short break, The CW will be gathering up its league of primetime superheroes and genre-favorite dramas giving fans all-new episodes of The Flash, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Riverdale and more! Audiences were fearfully rattled at the news that many of their favorite shows had shut down production before finishing work on their current seasons. Entertainment Weekly reported on how the COVID-19 pandemic immediately brought down the hammer on studio sets.

Many of The CW shows, especially its DC superhero line-up shoot up north of Los Angeles in Vancouver, and although DC’s Legends of Tomorrow had just recently wrapped up work on its Season 5, The Flash (starring Grant Gustin and Candice Patton) shut down the lights on its Season 6, forcing the network to rerun earlier episodes as The CW strategized on how to proceed. Both series will return on Tuesday, April 21 with new episodes, and so will its companion series Batwoman and Supergirl which will return on Sunday, April 26.

In the meantime, The CW will re-air the Arrowverse’s latest crossover event, the 5-hour epic “Crisis on Infinite Earths” beginning on Tuesday, April 7 and wrapping up on Thursday, April 9. This will definitely give fans an opportunity to get reinitiated into their favorite superhero series and prepare for the inauguration of its latest addition, when Stargirl starring Brec Bassinger premieres on Tuesday, May 19. The newest super-powered adventure debuts the teenage high schooler who inherits the Cosmic Staff and adopts the moniker of a DC Golden Age hero.

How the current seasons will wrap-up storylines considering they were preempted due to the coronavirus is still undetermined. Other shows in The CW’s line-up including Riverdale and Supernatural (which was heading toward its final episodes of the Final Season) were airing up-to-date, and episodes were left in post, unfinished as post-houses adhered to #StayAtHome guidelines. The hope is that many will be able to finish up work when (and if) shooting resumes later this year. Historically the new seasons of The CW shows begin production mid-July.

#StayTuned for more!

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