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iFeature | GEORGE MICHAEL’s Iconic [Never] OLDER …Now Deluxe!

The pop genius continues to prove how well he’s aged as one of George Michael’s most influential works OLDER is set for a reissue in a celebratory “Deluxe” format!

His career may not have been marked by all the landmines of many of his counterparts, but George Michael had his share of notable controversies and milestones that placed the pop artist as one of the most prolific of his time. Michael’s flamboyant nature and sexy good looks made him a target of fan pandemonium when he first arrived on the scene as one-half of the duo WHAM! And when he ventured into a solo career in 1987 the ground-breaking Faith solidified his standing as an unparalleled performer and a sexy symbol with the hit “I Want Your Sex”.

In the years that followed, as much as the music always charged ahead, many of the tabloids preferred to follow the rising curiosity surrounding Michael and his own sexual identity. He mostly avoided any personal details of his private life, until he couldn’t, but what the artist did most brilliantly, was pouring his heart and soul into his music. In 1996 George Michael released OLDER his third solo project, considered by many, one of his most prolific works. The album mixed genres with hints of jazz, r&b, and electronica.

Now Older is getting the “Deluxe” treatment with an expansive collection, and Limited Edition Box Set that will include newly remastered versions of the album’s original setlist (on vinyl, CD, and digital download) and also rare remixes and rarely heard songs from the Upper and Older and Upper sessions. The Box Set will also include a 48-page book with behind-the-scenes stories recounting the making of the album by Dan Davies, with previously unreleased images. “I think I composed the best, most healing piece of music that I’ve written in life with this album,” George Michael has said.

The contents of the Deluxe, Limited Edition Box Set is truly a feast for fans, with the music newly remastered on vinyl and CD.

This truly is one of his greatest moments.

OLDER | by George Michael | will be available in a Deluxe, Limited Edition Box Set on September 16 from major retailers here. The Expanded Edition is also available for pre-order now on iTunes.

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