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iFeature | JOHN DIGGLE’S Next Mission Awaits

The DC TV universe isn’t done with Arrow’s JOHN DIGGLE as David Ramsey prepares to “suit up” once again and return to The CW with an all-new series that is set to redefine the primetime landscape! What exactly is JUSTICE U?

You just can’t keep a good man down. At the conclusion of the Eighth Season of Arrow, it appeared that David Ramsey’s John Diggle was about to fulfill a long-labored prophecy when he happens upon a crater and gazes upon an emerald green light. When faced with an impending crisis that threatens the multiverse, a visitor from an alternate Earth recognizes John — but asks: where was his ring? Since that epic finale fans have hoped John Diggle, Team-Arrow’s master of arms known as Sparta would assume a new identity, that of John Stewart, Green Lantern!

Last Season, John Diggle was called back into service, guest-starring across the primetime series appearing in Smallville during a critical mission on Superman & Lois, and teamed up with his allies at STAR Labs on The Flash. Diggle also stopped by National City to visit with Supergirl and spared a minute to share in an adventure with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Although it had been speculated that there was going to be a significant revelation at the conclusion of the mini-crossover appearances, aside from sharing his wisdom and expertise, John Diggle came and went.

But let’s speculate! What if John was on a fact-finding mission of sorts, preparing for the next phase of his own super-heroic evolution? Another Greg Berlanti project that was green-lit (pardon the pun) gave fans even more reason to glow. Green Lantern an anthology series for the subscriber service HBO Max was announced and would follow the exploits of the heroes known to have wielded the emerald might. Again, audiences have had reason to celebrate and assumed that Diggle would be moving into that arena, but a formal casting announcement was not delivered, at least not for that series…

But indeed, it has been reported that David Ramsey will be reprising his role as John Diggle in The CW’s newest DC TV series tentatively entitled Justice U. First reported in the series will have Diggle responsible for the recruitment of five young superpowered individuals who will train under the cover of a university to become the heroes of tomorrow. Ramsey will also be directing the pilot in accordance with a development deal he’s struck up with Berlanti Productions. Ramsey directed a series of Arrowverse episodes in the 2020 - 2021 season.

Justice WHO?

Fans now have renewed hope that the further adventures of John Diggle will finally reveal more about his fate, especially following the Arrow finale and having returned to a leadership role at ARGUS, the government agency that both he and his wife, Lyla are assigned as agents.

What if Justice U is the premise for introducing the DC TV primetime universe’s own version of the DC Comics premiere team-up of costumed crimefighters? Before wrapping up the final season of Arrow we were introduced to John Diggle’s stepfather, a military officer played by Ernie Hudson whose surname was “Stewart”. It’s entirely possible that John could adopt the name and emerge as John Stewart, revealing that he is indeed a Green Lantern and is tasked with training this sector’s next generation of superheroes.

It’ll be exciting to see, whatever shape or form that takes, but as one of the DC TV primetime universe’s legacy characters, John Diggle will have more than his pick of possible recurring guest stars to assist with Justice U. Imagine if you can envision that line-up! Who from the Arrowverse’s storied past would you want to see revisited to help support the new roster of aspiring heroes?

  • Vixen (Megalyn Echikunwoke) — the Arrowverse’s wielder of the Tatum totem was first introduced in an animated adventure until materializing in the flesh on Arrow and then appearing as a Golden Age version of the heroine who joins the Legends of Tomorrow during an episode investigating WWII. It’s high time Mari McCabe returned in a more pivotal role and alongside John Stewart.

  • Lyla/The Harbinger (Audrey Marie Anderson) — John Diggle’s wife and the mother of their two children is a capable secret agent and ally who has held leadership roles with ARGUS. During the “crisis” Lyla was revealed as The Harbinger, a cosmically powered ally of The Monitor that was pivotal to bringing the heroes together in defense of the multiverse. If Diggle is getting back in the fight, you can bet Lyla will be in on it.

  • Jay Garrick/The Flash (John Wesley Shipp) — The Golden Age hero’s past is only now being explored, but after emerging on Earth-Prime it’s been revealed that Jay Garrick has been around for some time and has been instrumental in shaping the next generation of heroes. He may not be as fast as his contemporary successor, Barry Allen but Jay has some experience working Green Lanterns.

  • Wally West/The Flash (Keiynan Lonsdale) — At its core, Wally West is the heart of the Flash Family, but the hero has been MIA since confronting Barry Allen about the damage he’s done to the Speed Force. A short stint with the Legends appeared to show some promise, but we haven’t seen Wally in the spotlight in a while now it this could be the one-time Kid Flash’s opportunity to inherit the wind.

  • Laurel Lance/Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) — Always a fan favorite, Laurel Lance survives the events of “crisis” and actually adopts Earth-Prime as her own home. She is seen actively adventuring in the future timeline of 2040, but what has the Canary been up to in the meantime? Justice U would be an interesting opportunity at redemption for the character as well as catch her ass-kicking return!

JUSTICE U | starring David Ramsey is currently in development for The CW.

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