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iFeature | MADONNA Plans for a World Tour in 2023

When the Queen of Pop hits the road in 2023 she is planning on taking fans through a musical retrospective, a veritable celebration of her 40-year career and it will undoubtedly emerge as the most ambitious event of the season.

Where does one begin when it comes to chronicling their career? That’s the plight facing Madonna as the artist prepares to embark on a new world tour in 2023 that is expected to celebrate her 40 years in the industry and is tentatively expected to include hits from every one of her groundbreaking albums. In the case of the Queen of Pop, that’s more than 50 chart-topping singles, across 4 decades, and a musical exercise that redefined pop music across all scores of musical genres, as most recently referenced in the profoundly robust release Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones.

The announcement ignited a groundswell of excitement, legitimized by her long-standing collaborations with Live Nations and her longtime manager Guy Oseary, who will also be working with Madonna to examine her impressive catalog of music to perfectly define a live show experience that would include tracks from her early days like “Holiday”, and “Material Girl” and evolve into seismic hits like “Vogue” and “Ray of Light”, to her more contemporary award-winning compositions including “Music” and club-favorite “Living For Love”. Whatever direction the show takes, it has been guaranteed to fill arenas and stadiums alike and maybe her most ambitious show to date.

Her last live event, the “Madame X” Tour was creatively directed to promote the 2019 album of the same name and uniquely curated for theatrical spaces, a far cry from the usual settings that Madonna had been accustomed to performing in. The scale of the show was far more intimate, faced several challenges, and was ultimately cut short by the pandemic. The show would eventually feature in a full-length live performance documentary on Paramount +, and a live digital album Madame X - Music from the Theater Experience recorded live from the Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon, Portugal.

In recent times, Madonna has reentered into a mutually beneficial contract with Warner Records that extends to the entirety of her music catalog, giving the label the opportunity to re-release, remaster and reimagine music from across her career. This has proven extremely exciting as it has allowed Warner to rerelease many of her previously unavailable remixes and singles, for example marking the 30th anniversary of Erotica and the 40th of Madonna’s first single “Everybody” which hit the to top of the dance charts in 1982 as hi-res digital masters.

It’s a Celebration

Details about the latest tour are still in the early stages, but the name is a given! It’s being touted as “The Celebration Tour”. The assumption is that Madonna will begin to pull it together as the winter, and the itinerary will likely hit 35 cities across the globe, including a multi-night residency in London’s O2 Arena. Tickets will likely go fast, and it has been suggested that general seating prices will begin at $125 with various specially-priced packages. In the lead-up Madonna has steadily offered fans new singles, many previously unreleased offerings from her studio sessions like the most recent “Back That Up To the Beat” demo originally recorded in 2015.

The final studio recording was offered as one of three bonus tracks on the “International Deluxe” release of Madame X and is now available domestically in most digital download outlets including iTunes specially priced. Stay tuned to the HQ and The Fanzite as more news regarding Madonna’s 2023 World Tour becomes available.

MADAME X (International Deluxe) | Madonna is available now for download here and includes 3 previously unreleased Bonus Tracks including “Back That Up To the Beat” produced by Pharrell Williams.

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