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iPremiere | Marvel Studios’ WHAT IF…?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe just got a whole lot bigger! The first Original Animated series from Marvel Studios is making a very big debut! Premiering now on Disney+ the first installment of WHAT IF…? answers the question…

What if…? No, really! What if you had an opportunity to step through he looking glass and perceive a whole new universe where one singular decision alters the trajectory of a person’s life? What if Agent Peggy Carter had become a Super Soldier instead of Steve Rogers? It’s an interesting inevitably that reshapes the outcome of the World War and certainly changes the fate of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when the question is asked: “What If… Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?” In the premiere episode of Marvel Studios What If…? every possibility is explored!

The Watcher voiced by Jeffrey Wright, has been known to observe the vast machinations of the Marvel multiverse — yes, the Marvel multiverse (they’ve got one too) — and in this new animated series, fans are given an entirely new interpretation of some of their most beloved heroes or most dastardly villains. The first episode takes the audience back to the fateful day when Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) volunteers to be a part of the Super Soldier experiment that turns him into a beacon of hope and liberty, Captain America! But what happens when a saboteur attacks and Agent Peggy Carter steps in?

Under the mindful monitoring of our narrator, The Watcher illustrates the instant of the significant divergent — the saboteur’s bomb goes off and Steve is injured! Peggy Carter steps in to defend him, taking out the threat, but Rogers has been shot! Determined to continue with the Super Soldier test, they're one shot at tipping the scales of the war in their favor, Peggy steps into the capsule and undergoes the test herself. The result yielding the secret weapon necessary to turn the tide…Peggy is now the Allies greatest hope. She is Captain Carter!

Check out the trailer here:

Every episode of What If…? will explore an alternate possibility, a twist in the narrative within the Marvel multiverse that leads to an all-new possibility: one where the prince of an African nation finds himself on the edges of the galaxy, and another where the world is overrun with flesh-eating zombies, anything is possible. In the realm of What If…? the Marvel universe is infinite — limited only by our own imaginations. Based on the popular comic book anthology of the same name, What If…? is every bit the adventure worthy of expanding the MCU in a way unlike any series in the franchise before.

#StayTuned as we cover the new season of Marvel Studios’ What If…? with episode reviews and news.

Marvel Studios’ WHAT IF…? | premieres exclusively on Disney+ on August 12 with new episodes released every Wednesday.

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